Winter Gift List 2017

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I can’t believe it’s nearly that time of year again! This year has absolutely flown by and it’s no wonder – between saving for and experiencing Canada and then taking a few months off to recuperate. So here it is, my Winter Gift List for 2017.

I always have ideas for what to get people and as I shop for myself I pick bits and pieces up that jump out at me with someone’s name. It can be more difficult to buy for certain people so I’ve tried to expand and have something in for everyone (goes without saying I’d love any of these myself too!)


Kat Von D – Tattoo Liner – Trooper 

This is a constant staple in my kit and I’m always running out of it so it’s a best buy for any makeup lover.


limes and stars kat von d vegan tattoo liner eyeliner trooper black gingham background

Book Depository

I absolutely love reading and it’s something I need to make more time for. There’s nothing like snuggling up on a miserable winter afternoon with a book and just escaping for a while. I’ve linked my current Book Depository wishlist as I can be quite picky as to what I actually read. I’ve been a late comer to BD as I seem to go through phases of reading and normally just pop into my local bookshop before I go away. Taking an interest in what someone likes to read can open up so much about them and also means so much when you open a present that’s thoughtful and you realise small chit chat was taken into account.

Vegan/Zero Waste Gift Set

vegan ze


Given my recent venture into the zero waste and plastic free sphere I couldn’t resist when I came across this gift set from my new favourite Little Green Shop, all bundled up nicely and with products that you will always need. I haven’t tried any glass jar tooth pastes yet but I’m open to giving it a try.


circus carousel dublin agatha dice dress pockets limes and stars

I’ve recently fallen in love with almost everything in this shop. And the funny thing is I’ve walked past the shop almost every time I’ve been in town in the last few years! Talk about waking up and paying attention. I always thought it was vintage or designer so automatically out of my price range. I was completely wrong. Not only are Carousel well priced and well made, they’re also conscious and deal directly with the factory who make them. Win win! (this one has pockets!!!)

An Every Day Watch

grey watch limit asos exclusive gift watch

It’s something every girl should have but yet I don’t. I haven’t worn a watch in about 10 years. I’ve swapped my watches with my mum as they’ve always been too fancy for every day wear and I’d be afraid to ruin/break them. I think I’m over that but still want something simple to tell the time and as a simple accessory to any outfit. This one is nice and from ASOS.


That should keep you going for a while. I’m off to make my private one for my husband now..


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