Wholesome enough for me!

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So a while back, food & parenting blogger Caitriona Redmond released her first book Wholesome – feed the whole family well for less, while it’s taken me a while to get around to reviewing it – apologies, better late than never eh?
I love this book. Caitriona has made a bit of a name for herself for frugal food and this totally backs it all up. While I have mentioned before I’m quite picky about the cook books I buy due to being a vegetarian, this book is brilliant as it covers everything from quick & easy recipes, brekkies, lunch, and hearty dinners (although these are pretty meat based), it showcases pulses as being a cheap super food as it both bulks up meals and reduces the protein budget massively.
So tonight D made “Shephard’s Pie” from Caitriona’s blog and it was gorgeous (main reason for no photo was due to my hunger!).
There’s nothing too complicated but Caitriona makes it easy with tips and tricks. She even dedicates a good chapter at the front to get you into the mindset of budget shopping, knowing what’s in your cupboard & how to make the most out of what you buy. Here’s what we made mostly recently, the granola recipe from her book. 

Toasting the mixture
Ready to eat!

Since following Caitriona I’ve definitely taken more notice of what goes in our shopping basket every week & how much we’re actually spending & this book is going to come in very handy in the coming weeks with limited kitchen time & even more limited funds. Be sure to check her out on Twitter and Facebook

Are you wholesome when it comes to the kitchen? Do you budget your weekly shops/grocery spends?
Would love to know what you think in the comments below!