What makes Women Strong

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They say what you carry in your handbag says a lot about who you are. I say it does more. It’s what makes women strong, the pieces that keep her life together and get her through the day and keep her strong. Of course it varies considerably with mood and what we may have on on any given day but generally the essentials will always stay there. Here’s what’s in mine today…

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So what have I got? First and foremost, my wallet – where I carry my ID and more loyalty cards than I ever use (and somehow manage to lose the ones I do use!), a notepad and pen – though rarely used as my phone gets used for notes – good to have for those times you need a pen and paper. Next up we have a canvas tote bag – I often carry a litre bottle of water which never fits in my bag, but also keep a tote on hand for shopping on the way home from work, a packet of tissues – this is reasonably new, since we got married I had lots of packets left over and started throwing one in my bag, for my clumsy coffee spills or a runny nose. My inhaler is an obvious choice – I think this is more for security as I have very mild asthma but I feel more panicky if I realise I’ve forgotten it – go figure! Finally we have First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream sample size- this is so handy for dry skin and taking care of hands, and last but probably my most used items in my handbag are lip products – namely one pink shade and one red shade of lipstick (brands vary as to the need of the occasion I’m out for) and Lisa Heeney’s Peppermint Tingle Lip Balm – I don’t go anywhere and I mean anywhere without one of these on hand, I often use as a temple balm also when I have headaches so another multi-use product. 
This week saw International Women’s Day take on more meaning as strikes across the world took place for various reasons, all to improve women’s lives and make them equal to our male counterparts. This post has been in my mind for some time but it finally seemed to come together around these issues. 

I got home on IWD and had received some blogger mail which is quite rare considering my lack of posts as of late, I opened the package excitedly and found to my delight two lipsticks from the WetnWild Megalast range and two from the Silk Finish range. I love WetnWild products, they are so budget friendly and of course, cruelty free and I already have two of the lipsticks from this range. 
The girls know me so well and included not one but two red shades for me to get my power on. In the accompanying letter they spoke of empowerment and to show what women stand for and how, there was a list of words, all powerful in themselves but I struggled with each as I felt they weren’t strong enough words to describe what women really are. Then it hit me, the word I was looking for is strong. Women are all strong in their own different ways and the battles they face.

wnwomenpower wetnwild lipstick
For some it’s making it out of bed in the morning, others it’s finding their dream job, or overcoming an illness, or just fighting through a tough day. We need to appreciate just how strong we are. A lot of the time we just stand there and deal with the tasks at hand. Sure we have things and people that help us along the way, such as the bits and bobs you’ll find in a handbag or purse, but some things you can’t see, invisible and intangible feelings that only people and women close to you will know how to help.

So next time you see a woman hopelessly trying to stuff all her belongings back into her bag after the strap broke or she has fallen down, think about those things and how they make not just her, but all women strong.

Stay strong, stay happy girls!



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