Wedding Woes – Finding the dress/es

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So after my first attempt at wedding dress shopping went well I left it on the to-do list for a few months. Since March I’ve been on 3 wedding dress shopping trips, I’ve also been on a hunt for my girls dresses, which accounted for 4 separate trips too, with the most important women in my life at the moment – my bridesmaids. 
Now that everything is coming together with my dress pretty much sorted – just one trip with my mother and a couple others to make sure it’s definitely “The One” and the girls dresses have been ordered, I thought I’d share my experience on the whole dress shopping experience as it’s quite a bit different to searching for a dress to wear to an event or night out!

What I’ve learned

While I do have a task on my hands with 5 bridesmaids to take care of, they also are the most different girls you could imagine thrown together. They also are strung across the world with one in the US, one in Thailand and one closer to home, Belfast. 
– Make appointments if you can, most bridal places require one anyway. It gives you space to try on as much as you’d like and talk through options. A lot easier than trailing through shops and you can make a day of it with coffee or a meal afterwards.  
– Give them a choice in their dress – obviously there could be chaos here so set out from the start where the boundaries are. Get as many opinions as necessary to make sure they’ll be as comfortable as you on the day itself. Looking back you want them to have as fond memories as you will.
– When going shopping it’s better to stick to two bridesmaids at a time max, take photos if you can and then discuss later. If it were physically possible I still wouldn’t bring all 5 on the same trip as war would break out. I was really worried about this part but even though all girls have totally different styles. It has been a breeze compared to what I had envisioned.
– When you find the dress, you know it – I’ve heard this so many times. I was expecting a huge feeling of wanting to scream off the rooftops, but this has been slightly masked. 
You do know it’s the dress, but it’s a huge sigh of relief and comfort. You won’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror and you get the first glimpse of yourself as a bride and how you’ll look on your wedding day.

Reason Enough

– I cannot stress this enough – you’ve chosen these women for special reasons to be involved in your day, let them have their say as they might think of things you hadn’t accounted for or simplify an idea. 
– Let them help if they offer (or drop a subtle hint, if you need help) because as the day draws closer you won’t have the time and freak outs will be more likely to happen. The less stressful you can make the event for yourself the happier both you and everyone involved will be. 
I hope this helps anyone planning or struggling with their dresses.