This one is Offaly cheesy…

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I can never resist a bad pun, especially when it’s food related so it would make sense that I absolutely adored both Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 and 2.

Anyway, Paula whose lovely blog I’ve followed for quite some time, posted up about her visit to Cloughjordan House thanks to Glenisk. You can read about it that here and also the original recipe that I’m going to tell you about now! 

I love cheesecake – except when it has a traditional digestive base or it has gelatine in it as it makes it unsuitable for vegetarians, many restaurants have caught me out on that one.
I was one of those people who had never tried it but hated the idea of it, particularly the base. When David & I were in Edinburgh 4 years ago, he ordered a caramel cheesecake and I tried it, thus began my love affair with cheesecake. 
David doesn’t mind though as he loves it more than I do! (he likes the digestive based ones)

Once I saw Paula’s recipe for cheesecake – that is baked & completely vegetarian, I knew I had to try it. 
I went through a phase of making cheesecake about 3 years ago when I made a normal recipe to fit into small ramekins and ended up with about 35 individual overcooked cheesecakes – popped in the freezer, they lasted quite a while! 
I’m a big fan of Glenisk myself and we regularly use their vanilla yogurt for our daily smoothies in our household. I’m new to using creme fraiche as I always see it used with salmon & dill or for canapés of which I don’t eat much of, never mind use in the kitchen. 

Onto the recipe, or more so the changes I made – first of all – I didn’t use the Oreo base, opting for my normal base of Hobnobs – I used to love them & there’s always a packet in the house as my dad is lactose-intolerant & they’re one of few biscuits that are dairy free/vegan. As they’re richer too it calls for less butter. 
Also when I went shopping they only had one tub of creme fraiche left so I’ve omitted the topping, and I stupidly bought 4 x 200g of cream/soft cheese rather than 250g tubs, they tricked me! Due of this I reduced the sugar in the recipe to 200g to balance out & to stop the cheesecake burning/caramelising on top. 

To round that up:
300g Hobnobs (i.e. 1 packet) – Or 280g by eating roughly one biscuit out of packet
100g Real Irish Butter melted (I held back a little bit to grease the tin)
200g packet of cream cheese x 4
200g golden caster sugar

My oven also only goes to 220 degrees Celsius so I couldn’t follow the recipe exactly – my oven was preheated & I gave it the 10 mins but if you have a tempermental oven like mine (which is also a fan oven) you might consider covering your cake or keeping a watchful eye on it as mine went brown very quickly resulting in me having to cover it for the drop down to 110 for a further 50 mins (mine took 45)

As for the taste – This is one of the creamiest cheesecakes I’ve ever had. Neither David or I could determine if it’s a light or denser texture (as you tend to get dense cheesecake with baking) but it’s good either way. You get the slightest hint of lemon and tang which is awesome. 

I think this will be my basic cheesecake recipe from here on & can’t wait to try out some more flavours with this. I found the creme fraiche to really make the difference – having used just cream cheese/ricotta in my previous recipes!

Have a lovely week everyone!