There’s just something about a cuppa..

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I have never had a high tolerance for caffeine or coffee. It doesn’t stop me loving it any less or give me a love for tea either. There’s just something fantastic and wonderfully grounding about sitting either alone or with friend/friends over a cuppa and I understand people’s addiction to tea when it comes to this experience.

Its a time to reflect and to put yourself in the moment, it could be catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or even with your other half to have a little treat. I found when we lived in my parents house we would often pop down to the local shopping centre to do the shopping and spend an hour in Starbucks before doing the weekly shop. It was a great way to clear the air and blow off some steam.

My recent health issues have put a pause on my love for coffee as the acidity affects my stomach, even decaff (bleugh) affects me so I’ve been exploring the world of herbal teas and I’m happy to say I’ve been having a peppermint or fresh ginger tea almost daily! Although I do miss coffee, having the similar grounding experience is definitely key. I can’t believe I never separated the two previously.


There’s just something about holding a warm drink in your hands and inhaling the aroma that is extremely therapeutic. It can also make you vulnerable. Countless times when you need to talk to someone about something important it will be over a cuppa. Fights are resolved over a cuppa.

What is your choice of cuppa? Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Maybe a bit of both. I’d love if you shared your experiences with me in the comments below.