The Bloggers Made Me Do It! Part 1

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I’ve seen these posts on various blogs before most recently Avril’s Blushful Beauty post here, given that a lot of my purchases come from reviews I’ve read on beauty and lifestyle blogs, heck even ingredients I’ve never used before in cooking. I’ve become a little more adventurous with trusting my instincts with beauty products lately but it has been based on recommendations/reviews from blogs about the brand or range of products so I thought I’d try my own post. 

Wearing Stay Matte and Latino here

First off is Meg’s She Puts Her Makeup On, Meg has recently been doing a lot of Rimmel reviews (one found here) and I for one am so grateful given the accessibility of Rimmel and the cheaper price tag! I love Stay Matte Foundation in Ivory, I was in need of a good coverage foundation that would last the whole day and night particularly for a wedding I was going to back in November. 

I much prefer to be in control of my shine and add some shimmer rather than my face getting shiny throughout the day/night so this is brilliant. I only had to touch up once throughout the day and I’ve been using it ever since as my main foundation. It can feel a bit heavy if you over-do it so it means you use less and it lasts longer! Next one I had to get from Meg is from Rimmel too and is there Moisture Renew Lipstick range which I picked up in 180 Vintage Pink and 200 Latino. I love these even if they don’t last half as long on me as they would for most other people. 
I really liked Vintage Pink when I bought it but it’s a lot duskier than I thought in the shop so I’m not the biggest fan as it tends to wash me out. 

Next up is Avril’s Blushful Beauty blog & her recent trip to Lush (post found here), I hadn’t been to Lush in forever and hadn’t tried out any of their newer cosmetics that they launched a few years ago. So I picked up their Feeling Younger Skin Tint and their Bubblegum Lip Scrub
The Feeling Younger is a skin tint & can be used as a highlighter, you can mix with your foundation or use it over your foundation, you only need a tiny bit. I bought it as a highlighter but it doesn’t work with the foundation I use, so I tried again by mixing it in with my foundation and got sort of a dewy look which I really like. It’s a little pricey at £12 for the tub but a little goes a very long way (double bonus cuz it stretches the life of foundation too), it also works as an AMAZING concealer too if you have dark circles like me. 
The Lip Scrub is just as amazing as I thought & for £5.50 I’m happy, it’s edible too which is always a bonus! You only need a little bit & can actually use your lips to scrub each other & lick off whatever is left!

So there you have it, 4 products you guys made me buy! Have any bloggers you follow made you buy anything? Has anyone told you they bought something cuz you recommended it?
Would love to know your thoughts!