Thai Couscous – Quick & Easy Meals

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Need a quick but really tasty option thrown together from whatever you have to hand? Look no further. This dish was created out of that necessity of end of the month scraps.
I based the flavours on a recipe I saw a while back on Pinterest for homemade pad thai – it doesn’t really taste like pad thai but it sure does taste good! Hence Thai Couscous!
Couple of notes 
– this is highly down to what you have available
– Trust your palette to tell you when it’s balanced
– If using chilli make sure to check the heat of it first by cutting in half & trying a slice – you can always remove the seeds too for less heat
Here’s what you’ll need
Thai Couscous 
Ingredients to serve 2
Juice of 1 lime
Equal quantity of light soy sauce
Half quantity brown sugar (again maybe more maybe less)
3 garlic cloves crushed
3/4 cup of wholemeal couscous (normal works too)
1 stock cube dissolved in 3/4 cup hot water (homemade stock works too)
Good twist of black pepper
Splash of oil (your preference)
1/2 courgette quartered & sliced
2 small-medium carrots Q&S
2/3 red pepper Q&S
1 stalk celery sliced
1/2 chilli sliced (hold extra slices for garnish)
1/2 large onion – diced roughly* optional
2 free range eggs
1. First things first get your couscous going. If you have leftover couscous take it out of the fridge. Cook to package specs but generally I use a tiny bit more water than equal measurements for perfect fluffy couscous. Feel free to make your own seasoning mix for the couscous, I was just lazy and used stock. Make sure to fluff it up after its cooked.
2. Heat your wok/pan up to medium high heat, once heated add the onion and carrots and sauté for a few minutes until onions are translucent. 
3. While carrots and onions are cooking, mix together your lime juice, soy sauce and sugar until you get that sweet/salty/sour balance – this is down to your palette tastes. Finish the sauce by adding your crushed garlic and give a good mix. Set to one side.
4. Add the celery, courgette and pepper to your carrots and onions and give a good stir around to distribute heat evenly. 
5. Once you’re happy with the “crunch factor” or how “al dente” your veg are (try a piece of carrot), add your chilli* turn down the heat and add in your sauce.
6. Put a frying pan on the heat for your eggs. Crack your eggs into the pan and season them. You want gooey eggs or sunny side up so these won’t take long.
7. Once your sauce has reduced to a jammy consistency add in the couscous to your veg and coat as much of it with the sauce as you can. 
8. Dish up your couscous adding the fried egg on top. 
9. Eat and thank me later! 
Do you often not know what to do with scrappy bits of veg? Looking to eat healthier?
Tried this recipe?
Let me know your thoughts below!