Tanning Must Haves!

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I’m becoming less and less of a stranger to tan as it makes its way into my weekly routine rather than monthly or occasionally. And because of this I look for those products that either prolong my tan or help me out with those dodgy parts (elbows, knees and ankles anyone?!) or help me take it off quicker than I can reapply it!
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This would be a cardinal sin for most tanners given that it is an oil-based moisturizer but I absolutely love this for either prepping my skin for tan – I do leave a day in between applying and tanning – or prolonging it, particularly when you get it right, it helps your tan last and fade evenly.
Whether you’re planning to tan or just getting yourself ready to show some skin off you can’t be without Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. I recently got this in my #ITWBN goodie bag & have been dying to try it. Luckily I had my tan on from the event so could use it straight away. While the texture is a little softer than I usually like scrubs – it’s gentle on your skin but tough on tan! My skin was back to it’s natural white state after one use! Ready to start all over again!
I always have a tub of these beside the shower. Nothing worse than having the perfect tan with those little bumps bursting through, also more surface area for the tan to cling to! Using these the week before tanning right up to the prep shower is a way I guarantee my legs will look their best.
This has become a staple, so much so whenever I see it in chemists I pick one up because it always seems to be sold out. Whether you want an instant top up, or gradually build up a nice glow – this keeps you moisturised throughout.
There you have my tanning must-haves! 
What can you not be without alongside your tan? Have you tried any of these before?
Would love to know in the comments below!
Have a great week!