Support Local Campaign

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(picture taken from
So this past year I’ve really made an effort to buy more local products and get to know those who are selling, producing, creating them. 
We started going to the Marlay Park farmer’s market which would be our local one as there are none in South West Dublin any more unfortunately. I’ve been out to Honest2Goodness not as many times as I’d like but going to try change that this year!
I started taking notice more of local producers, not just of food but cosmetics as well. I was so shocked at my previous ignorance to what was right on my doorstep and within arms reach. Twitter was an enormous help, which I hadn’t underestimated before I had just never seen in put into play. So when the time came to start thinking about Christmas presents and food I knew what I had to do. 
I did my best to have a buy local Christmas.

Nima Brushes, Dublin
(picture taken from website)
Precious Polish, Dublin (picture taken by me)
Custom Order on the right. Perfect Kris Kindle

I made truffles out of these which went down a treat! 

Skelligs Chocolate, Kerry
(all Skelligs pictures taken from their website)

Iona Farm/The In-Season Farm (picture by me)
Brendan & Donnacha provided us with this gorgeous fresh veg box for
2 Christmas dinners, soup and more. I didn’t even get an apple!
(picture taken by me)
Stocked up on some Mexican goodies

Here are just some of the things I got as part of the Support Local/Buy Irish campaign.
I’ll certainly be buying again off many of these again and I’m already finding more things I want to try out.
Last year Bord Bia conducted a survey in which “68%
 of Irish people admitted buying local products to support the economy, even if they sometimes cost more.”
Though that statistic may be true, I have seen an increase myself in the amount of people trying to buy local, but a lot of people still think when they go to the supermarkets that automatically they are buying local. 
70% of our food is imported, before Christmas I was appalled to find out many of the supermarkets were selling Dutch Brussels sprouts (and still are btw) whatever your feelings on Brussels sprouts, we grow them here too! 
A few simple changes in how we get our food to plate, there are so many farms and markets online now (which actually surprised me) that you can get the information from. The veg box we got (pictured above) is more than enough and did us two weeks of cooking, I arranged collection via Twitter, it was pulled out of the ground (or picked) the day before collection and came to €20 for everything! 
People saying that going to markets are more expensive clearly haven’t been, if you’re buying just what you need when you need it then it isn’t. I’m on a very low income but yet I can still make these changes, meaning nearly everyone can. They say we’re out of the recession and that agri-food is where it’s at, we can’t let all the food go to waste – or better still with exports constantly growing why let others take what we need? What we’re currently importing ourselves? It makes no sense to me.

I hope you like my little showcase, I’m hoping when I get a few blogs up to create a page dedicated to the Support Local campaign, adding new finds and where you can get them.
Do you try shop local when you can? Do you find it pricey?
Would love to hear your thoughts on this as it is something very close to my heart.