Stretching my Limits – Yoga with Emma

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Back in Spring this year I started Vinyasa Flow Ashtanga Yoga with Emma O’Toole ( Previously I had done Pilates but that’s going back a few years, I had always loved the idea of yoga and was dying to give it a go. Although it was primarily due to training for the mini marathon to aid and strengthen I couldn’t get enough.
Emma is a wonderful yoga instructor, she has such a bubbly personality and it shines through putting you completely at ease and letting you be yourself too. Not only that but Emma will suss out everyone in the class and tone it back if the class calls for it, reading the room. She’s happy to explain what is going on with your body and the history of the movement and reinforces that you should never push your body somewhere it doesn’t want to go. 
Finding your limits and gradually through different movements and controlling your breathing (you’d be shocked what a difference this makes! Emma had to remind me at one stage to inhale as well as exhaling deeply) you build up strength and quickly enough you’ll see changes and that what once seemed very difficult or caused pain becomes simple and you’re looking for ways to challenge yourself.
I’m definitely hooked on yoga and talking to fellow goers I’m not surprised they feel the same. You feel the burn as you would with other workouts but not in the same way, you find yourself in the middle of the work day pulling some strange stretches, maybe best to limit these to bathrooms or somewhere private if you fear what others think. I’ve found it brings questions but it peaks people’s interest and you may even find a yoga buddy to join you!
Have you ever tried Yoga or Pilates? How did you find it? Would love to know in the comments below!
I’m off to the Coffee Festival this weekend so I’ll definitely be buzzing! Hope you have a great weekend too!
**photos taken from Emma’s Facebook and website – all credit to her and her photographer**