Review of Nessa Robin’s “Apron Strings”

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Nessa Robin’s “Apron Strings”
So last Thursday night, I read this cookbook cover to cover. And I mean READ! After receiving it a couple days earlier I was very busy with work and so only let myself read the intro pages but already I knew I was going to love this book and I told Nessa straight off that it would be a at the forefront of my kitchen bookshelf – when I get my own place that is. 
It’s not just because of her amazing recipes, it reminds me of a folder my mum had and used to refer to all the time when I was younger, it was full of recipes clipped from papers and magazines, along with household tips dispersed throughout. This book, I can already see will be my go-to in the years to come.
The way it’s written is what I love most, Nessa adds in stories of how the recipe came to be, why it was needed, and the way she has sectioned it just really adds to the whole experience. I don’t know many people that read cookbooks like other books, but this is written just that way and it fits perfectly. 
I know I’m gushing a bit, but in an attempt to remember my own recipes I’ve often done the same, writing the story behind it to remember or not to forget. Nessa invites you into her family’s world, through the woes and happier times. Her personality and that of her family really shines through, and her creativity knows no bounds. 
I’ve been reading Nessa’s blog for almost a year now, and her approach to her blog and the book itself lends itself to adapting recipes but also for novice cooks who want to get the basics down (or show off with little effort!). 
I’m always slow on the uptake when it comes to buying things, also being a vegetarian often puts me off buying cookbooks as they involve meat and half the pages I either have trouble adapting or end up never using. 
Then there are the vegetarian cookbooks that rely far too heavily on tofu (BLEH!) or meat substitutes/dishes just with the meat taken out. 
With this book I can already see myself adapting the recipes.
I earmarked a “few” things…

I have a couple of busy weekends ahead but after that I will certainly be trying some recipes out.
If you want to check the book out, you can find it Easons for sure or you can pick it up here  and use the code 50TEN2013 to get it half price. What a bargain!

What’s your favourite cookbook? Do you cook a lot at home? Would love to know what you think and also if you pick up the book let me know 🙂