3 Realistic Goals for 2018

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Happy New Year everyone! Now I’m not a big fan of new years resolutions, however taking some time to assess where you’re at and where you want to be or to try something new is greatly beneficial to document them. I always say if you write/type something it has more chance of sticking, case and point for me is the grocery list. Half the time I forget the actual list when I go shopping, another 40% I leave it in my bag but about 95% of the time we remember everything because we wrote it down.


I’m not going to blag on about the amazing person I’m going to transform into in 2018 because frankly, I think I’m pretty amazing as it is – not that I don’t need to improve in some areas – just it helps to have faith in yourself. Here’s a few things I’m going to be doing in 2018

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Shop Less, Invest More

Following on from my shift to a cruelty free and more eco friendly/sustainable lifestyle I’m going into this year with an even stronger mindset. I already have two bags full of stuff for the charity shops and I haven’t even cleared out my wardrobe yet. By shopping less and shopping smarter I’m going to see what I need and buy the best quality I possibly can, even if it means I have to put off the actual purchase until it’s sustainable to do so.

We’re going to be moving this year so this is a big area where this will apply, when we moved into our apartment we had very little left over after rent and the deposit to invest in good quality homeware. That will be different – whilst in the meantime we’ve gotten a few things, a lot of the stuff we’ve gotten needs to be replaced because we were focused on having it rather than investing in more sustainable (and less plastic) and durable version of said product.

I’ve been reading lots about a “no-shop” year or month and while I think it’s definitely doable I want to become more aware of my shopping habits so I’ll be unsubscribing from many sites and not spending idle time shopping sales just because there’s a sale on.


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Travel to 3 New Places

This shouldn’t be anything new to you all. I’m addicted to travel, I don’t mind where I go I just want to explore somewhere new. We’ve even looked at the likes of Srprs Me where you enter your dates, likes and budget and you don’t find out where you’re going until you get to the airport – I’ve always wanted to do something spontaneous like that and perhaps the planner in me is fed up and just wants to be free..finally. One place we’ve agreed on is to spend some time in Ireland, exploring places like West Cork or Clare which neither of us has before (or in recent years).


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Less Screen Time

This seems a pretty obvious one too but I’m totally addicted to TV, have been for years. It’s not all about getting outside more, I also want to read more. Nothing relaxes me more than curling up with a decent book. I’m hoping to create a little nook in our new place if I can where I can slip away and lose a few hours to a new book. Getting outside and doing more things. Farmers Markets and short walks are going to be my gateway to longer hikes in the summer.


There we go, three simple things that I’ll hopefully accomplish in 2018 and beyond. Do you like/make new years resolutions or set goals for the year ahead?


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