Relaxation – Emma’s Eco-Soy Candles

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So (nearly) every week since November I’ve taken part in an online networking group called #irishbizparty on Twitter on Wednesday nights between 9-11pm. It’s a great place for small businesses to work together and get to know one another and maybe make leads & sales. I do it for Blanco Niño and it has helped us in terms of support & friendship for sure. Recently it has been getting a lot more popular as we now have Ailish O’Hora and the Independent Business section on board which is bringing in great publicity & attention to all the businesses taking part. 
After a while I started realising I hadn’t actually bought anything off any of these wonderful Irish businesses and that I loved what a lot were doing and started getting ideas for the wedding and the like. 

I picked up some wax melts from Emma’s Eco-Soy Candles from her January sale, as soon as I saw she had a limited edition Mint Crisp scent I had to have it – so I picked up 6. Wax melts are simply essential oils mixed into wax so you can use it in oil burners without that burning oil smell or the smoke that can follow. I had never used them before but the first night we burned it in our room I was in heaven, it was like all the weight was lifted from my shoulders in this simply divine smell. 
Now I will warn you it was limited edition for Christmas but Emma has several other scents like Lavender, Citrus Burst, Neroli (new), Orange & Palmarosa, Harmony blend and lastly Lemongrass. 
I tried out the Lemongrass one too on my second purchase from Emma (when I found out she still had some Mint Crisp left over) and it’s just as relaxing, has a very lemony freshness to it and wasn’t what I expected at all – very refrshing and relaxing, as soon as the scent comes across (takes about half an hour for us, across a room) and the lasting power. We’ve gotten 5 days of tea lights (one tea light each night) out of these bad boys!
The wax is also recyclable! How cool is that? 
After emailing Emma with an idea for my wedding favours she kindly included these tins for me to try out as they are more subtle in scent to the wax melts. These have a whopping 20 hour burn time (which I can certainly vouch for) and smell absolutely incredible. They are more subtle than the melts but the smell lasts longer after you blow it out.
These would make lovely gifts for anyone that needs to relax, for mothers, & definitely for favours for parties/weddings.
The wax melts retail at €4.95 each and the tin candles at €9.95 and you can buy them at Emma’s online Store or check out her Stockists. Don’t forget to say hey to Emma herself on Twitter as she’s only lovely 🙂
Do you find different ways to relax? Have you tried wax melts before? Would love to know what you think in the comments below!