Quick Update

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I realise I’ve lost my blogging mojo lately and it’s been a number of things to be quite honest but I still have tons of ideas (and drafts) that will get done, promise!

My laptop died, and while I got a new one, windows 8 is trying my patience and trying to get everything sorted has just been a pain (not to mention I keep forgetting I need to use a mouse!)

Stresses at home, tensions are high and I’m finally moving out and will have my own office (and blogging space) so I’ll have no excuses from September 1st!

I have been doing a lot of research in work lately, don’t get me wrong I love research! Just when you’ve spent 10 hours a day trailing through research, the last thing I want to do is go back and start blogging research. I have a lot of products ready to review so I definitely don’t have a shortage of inspiration there!

Money has been extremely tight and it’s for this reason I haven’t been reading a lot of your blogs or commenting, solely for the reason that my wishlist is currently as big as me and necessities are expensive. Budget buys and eats from here on out!

Hope you’re all doing well,
If there’s any news I’ve missed please do leave in a comment but I hope to get up to date on my reading very soon!