Pole Fitness – Giving it a whirl!

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So as part of my 101 goals in 1001 days challenge I decided to take up a new class and try something different. Having heard the results and fun people (I won’t lie, mostly girls) have at pole fitness I said I’d give it a shot. Before you ask, yes it is a bit like pole dancing, it’s the same format, without the heels or sleazy manifest. It’s using so many different muscles and its great for your abs! These videos are clearly more advanced moves but it gives you a feel for what it’s all about!
I had heard some people saw results in weeks but I wasn’t expecting much. I signed up to an eight week class with Fierce Fitness Dance Studio, who my friend Sarah (featured in the videos) poles with. There’s something comforting about trying something new with someone you know. 
I really wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d only heard and seen (bruises) mainly from others that were well into it, not just starting out. You start each class with a warm up to get your heart rate up and prepare your muscles for what’s next. There are lifts and spins, there are grips you have to learn, some are trickier than others but it’s really about letting your inhibitions go and being free/loose. By week 5/6 you start to climb, this for me, was by far the hardest and something I’m still trying to get used to, it’s tough not only on your body but your skin too. This is where the bruises start. 
Within the first 8 weeks you do so much from the basics to learning more advanced things like going upside down. Once you have a move down it looks so graceful and pretty. You can’t wait for your next pole class, and after the class, you dread how you’re going to feel the next morning. I did notice some differences in my shape after a few weeks but I wouldn’t recommend this as your only form of exercise. 

Fierce have a new term starting next week if you’re interested there may be space left in Beginners, otherwise keep an eye out on their page as they have two studios, one in Harold’s Cross and the other in Maynooth. Thank you to Sarah for the videos and for getting me into pole!
What do you do for exercise? Have you tried something new this year? Would love to know in the comments!
Have a great week guys