Nudiefoods – Delivering healthy goodness

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I came across Nudie Foods on Twitter before Christmas and it sounded right up our alley. They do fruit and veg boxes according to what’s in season and where it’s grown. Quality favoured over other factors like price and quantity. They do special boxes for those into juicing and smoothies or if you have many mouths to feed they do special value boxes.
Before Christmas we went on a bit of a health kick, which is all well and good but when your local shop doesn’t care for local produce and you have to fork out for overpriced low quality produce it hits your wallet pretty hard. So we started looking into delivery options, meaning there was also less temptation at the supermarket to buy more processed foods so there are no excuses.
Special Value Box
We went for the special value box to start with – a generous selection of fruit and vegetables depending on what’s in season and looks best at the market. I love this, it can be pulled from the ground and at the market within hours and delivered to me within 24 hours of that. Not the best option but for those with no access to farms or farmers markets during the week this is the next best thing! 
Christmas Box with a few extras
I couldn’t believe the variety of fruit & veg we got in our first box. Our second box was their Christmas week delivery so we added a few extras in that wouldn’t be normal Christmas fair and split it between our two families for the Christmas dinner and then some. There was a quality issue on a couple of things but when I emailed Paul about them he couldn’t have dealt with it better. A good produce seller will want to know if quality is not up to scratch to reassess a supplier or let said supplier know in case there are more problems. 
We’ve been getting these for a month now (once weekly) and not only are we very happy with the produce and service but we’re also healthier for it. Opening the fridge or drawers to bright colours means we’re being more adventurous with our food too. It has also nearly halved our weekly grocery bill as well as saved on petrol! 
Boxes start from €20 delivered and have a great “Create Your Own” range, however if there’s something that you want, pop them a call or email and Paul will certainly track it down for you! They are based in Dublin 15, have a wide delivery area and do evening deliveries too!
Are you trying to eat healthy? Do you struggle to find good quality produce to keep you on track?
Hope you have a lovely weekend!