Taking a non-tourist approach to Dublin..

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Recently I’ve been seeing an equal amount of both positive and negative articles about Dublin in the run up to the St. Patrick’s Festival – for the record, I absolutely love Dublin, it really has some beautiful spots to eat, drink & just generally enjoy – but I hate crowds and avoid them at all costs particularly around festivals and such. This year was to be no different.

So last Saturday I had two friends over – One from Belfast and his girlfriend from London. Emily hadn’t really seen much of Dublin but as we all wanted to watch the France – Ireland game we were on a bit on a time limit. When we got up I was so grateful that the sun was peaking through the clouds as my plans kinda relied on even the tiniest bit of sun (I know what you’re thinking – we’re in Ireland!) so we headed off into town.

Given that my friend John is from Belfast (aka Boojum Central) I wanted to show him something different so brought us all to Little Ass Burrito Bar for lunch to enjoy in St. Stephen’s Green park. Clearly I wasn’t the only one with this idea as it was packed around 12.30pm – thought I’d beat the lunchtime rush. Both really enjoyed their burritos so I was happy (and full) we’d gotten some decent soakage before the match. 

From there we wandered up through Trinity to see the grounds and headed up to Grand Canal (which is where I really wanted the sun to come out). Emily loved the approach I took as we weren’t scheduled to be anywhere and could take our time – I was hoping to get into 3FE too but at that stage we were pushing our luck to get a seat for the match. 

We then heading back up to the CHQ where the Irish Beer & Cider Fest was on featuring beers and foods from all over Ireland – it was empty compared to when we stopped in for a drink on Friday evening – and the sun was beaming in which half blinded us during the Wales – Scotland match (not a bad complaint to have) as we enjoyed some of the craft beverages on offer.
Emily and I really took to the Stonewell Tempted cider as it was quite refreshing and not as strong tasting as anything else we tried with the lads trying something different everytime. It was great to see so many people enjoying Irish craftsmenship and even the crisps on offer were my favourite – Keogh’s

Nothing compared to the atmosphere during the match, the photographer in me wanted to take pictures of the crowd cheering and nail biting towards the end – I wish I had done it now. These are obviously not the reasons I hate crowds but this really showed me that you can have a pretty decent crowd with none of the idiots ruining it for anyone else or being packed into a tin of sardines. 

So there’s my non-tourist take on doing a Saturday in Dublin! Wish I had some pictures to add but I unfortunately forgot my camera and my phone’s camera is shot. 

Have you ever done the tourist thing in Dublin? Or have you been a tourist yourself? 
Would love to know your take on this in the comments below.