Nobó – Frozen Goodness that’s … Healthy?

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So recently as you may have read, I’m on a healthy eating buzz, and that has even been extending into my treats too. Not because I feel I should have healthy treats, because I haven’t been getting any satisfaction out of the non-healthy treats I used to adore like crisps, certain chocolates, baked goods and my most recent favourite – Haribo’s veggie Strawbs!
I found out about Nobó around Sept/Oct last year and planned on picking some up for a Christmas treat (as part of my #supportlocal campaign) but unfortunately it was not to be.
Nobó or No Bó – Irish for no cow are a small Irish company that make their small batches of ice cream with no dairy, no sugar, and certainly no nasties! They make their ice cream in Stoneybatter, D7 with natural ingredients – avocado, coconut and honey, and then additional natural flavours like lemon, chocolate & almond and vanilla & coconut. 
You can nearly count on one hand how many ingredients go into every pot! They’re supplied in a few places such as Nourish on Wicklow St (to my delight) and others found here.
Anyway, I was a little skeptical as I’m not the biggest avocado fan and worried it might leave an after taste, but that skepticism aside I couldn’t wait to try it. I picked up the Lemon flavour to try first. First taste had a strange taste on my tongue that I couldn’t put my finger on but this was quickly put to rest by the creamy texture we all know & love from home made ice cream. 
I had to go back for more. It’s not overly lemony – that tends to work better with sorbets and granitas, but it’s certainly got the fresh lemon taste, they’ve gotten the balance just right between the creamy and the sharpness of fresh lemon.
My dad got a hold of the Coconut & Vanilla flavour when he was home and only left a tiny bit left for me. I love adding it to smoothies as it gives them the perfect texture but also a luxurious feel. 
I think this will become a staple in our house for sure. It makes me wish I still lived in Stoneybatter so I could bang down their door for my fix – probably better for owners Rachel & Brian that I don’t though. In saying that I hound them enough on Twitter!

Nobo retails at around €7 which when you think a 500ml tub (same size) of Ben & Jerry’s retails at around €6.40 when it’s not on offer – I think this is amazing as it’s a healthy, natural alternative, made & sourced as local as possible and it’s not that more expensive.
Have you tried Nobó or any other dairy free/sugar free alternatives (not limited to ice cream)? I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!