Nima Brushes – No messing about!

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You may remember my #supportlocal campaign way back as one of my very first posts on here. I featured Nima Brushes as I had gotten sets for two friends but never picked up any of them for myself. Despite hints (clearly too subtle) I didn’t receive any Nima Brush surprises so I treated myself a little while back when they had a flash sale and a splurge I couldn’t resist.

Aren’t they pretty?
So I’m now the proud owner of the kabuki trio and the 5 piece eye set of Nima Brushes. For those who don’t know, Nima stands for Niamh Martin who hails from Rathfarnham, Dublin, who designed her own range of brushes after frustration at the quality and price of professional make up brushes. Most of the brushes are synthetic and cruelty free (yay!) but they are so soft you’d never know the difference. 


My collection
I’m no expert when it comes to doing makeup but I think I do an okay job, but as soon as I started using these brushes I started getting comments on what makeup I was using – if any! Some girls had used the same basic makeup as me but gave up on them as they couldn’t get the results they wanted out of them. It starts with the brushes as I have now learnt. 

I find myself being more daring and trying out new looks with these brushes (when I have time) and when I’m in a rush I know the kabuki trio have my back to make sure I’m not left patchy or with brush strokes (which I found with my previous brushes) which have now completely been demoted unless I’ve forgotten to wash my brushes or for blending colours.

These are the easiest brushes I’ve ever come across and why do I say that? Because every brush I’ve used before these has been an absolute pain to clean. A lot of the time I’d just not bother (which I know is gross), but with the Nima brushes, I never let them go over a week (overall) without a good clean, why? It’s just so relaxing, the only brush I’ve had shed any is the large shader but that has been absolute minimal. I actually look forward to cleaning these and have a little pamper sesh for myself & my brushes. 

I can’t wait to pick up the final few brushes to complete the set! What brushes do you use? Do you find they shed? Do you prefer real or synthetic? Would love to know in the comments below!

Hope you’re all enjoying the fabulous weather!


(btw the makeup brush roll is from Designed 4 You, definitely recommend another fab Irish business! Lynda does custom made handbags and these great makeup brush rolls which come in two sizes!)