Natural products – Lisa Heeney

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I’ve been a fan of Lush since the first time I got that smell in my nose and followed it to the shop. Now I don’t shop in there much anymore because I try to keep things local so I have expanded my range of natural beauty products.
There are so many on offer right on our doorstep here in Ireland – from Bia Beauty and Pixy to Voya and Lisa Heeney, & that’s whose products I’m going to talk to you about today!
I found Lisa and her wonderful products through #IrishBizParty which I take part in nearly every Wednesday on Twitter between 9-11pm. A few weeks back #Irishbizparty fell the night before my birthday – while I was planning a bit of a splurge on Lisa’s products (amongst others), Lisa got wind it was my birthday & offered everyone 15% off everything on her site for the night! How generous! So of course I couldn’t resist!
I’d wanted to get my hands on this Lotion Bar as I love anything that comes in bar form as they’re so handy for travelling! After seeing Sam’s review over at All the Buzz I just had to have it!
The way it works is you put the bar between your hands for a few seconds to let your body temperature heat it up, then apply it directly from the bar – also means your hands don’t end up with half the product on them!
As you know I’m all about Soap & Glory moisturisers so this was to make a lovely change to my routine. I love this! I love so many things about it, there’s a total of 7 ingredients, it’s so easy to apply & my skin just loves it. 
I’ve found my skin quite rough lately & sugar scrubs aren’t doing much in the way of helping either but when I use this on my elbows or heels it’s just so smooth. 
One thing I hate about moisturisers is the time it takes them to soak in & not feel wet/greasy but with this you can put your clothes on straight away – no hassle. It smells really citrus-y as well which I love.
It’s got lots of good stuff in it too like Vitamin E oil, Coconut oil & Avocado butter – so it’s like a super food for your skin!
I treated myself to her Gift Set of Lip Balms also as you can never have too many on the go & I have a tendency of losing mine (or them going wandering if they smell good!) You get 3 flavours with this: Mandarin, Grapefruit & Fragonia & Strawberry. 
And you’ve guessed it – I’ve already lost the Grapefruit & Fragonia somewhere in my room! 
The Mandarin one is by my bedside though & I adore it. It’s great for under lipstick too as it’s really moisturising it’s actually helped keep the lipstick on longer which is what I’ve been looking for!
The body lotion bar retails at €25 (which is amazing considering how little you use at a time!) and the Gift Set of 3 is €16 or individual lip balms at €6
So there you go, another fantastic Irish business that lives up to their name – be sure to check Lisa out on Twitter and Facebook too.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!