My Top 5 Bloggers Who I’d be Lost Without

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I’ll be quite frank here, there’s been a lot of negativity in the blogosphere lately, in particular the beauty blogging scene. I’ve tried my best to shy away from all the drama, sitting back and just reading about it but recent events which I won’t go into showed me two things; people have some nerve and more importantly how great the blogging community is. When I first heard about the drama I felt so deflated, I went on to Twitter and got into great conversations with my fellow bloggers. I realised that the blogging community is so strong and I wouldn’t be the person today I am without it.

Throughout the past year maybe 18 months I’ve been torn on whether to give up my little blog and spend my time finding a new hobby and unfortunately I’ve seen a lot of my favourite bloggers throw in the towel. One thing is for certain, these gals below constantly pick me up when I’m down with their posts and I would definitely have given up on the blog a long time ago if I hadn’t come across these. With that in mind I thought I would share some love with my go-to blogs/bloggers that I never miss a post from.

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Rosemary McCabe

I feel like if I met this girl in real life we would be best friends, we seem to be constantly on the same wave length to the point I actually think she’s controlling my mind to think that way on certain paranoid days. Her diversity of topics and no BS attitude on pretty much everything is why I love seeing a new post pop up.

Caitriona Redmond

Caitriona is such a wonderfully warm and kind-hearted soul. She was one of the first bloggers I followed way back maybe 5 years ago long before blogging was as big as it is today. I love her recipes and her can-do attitude. Caitriona has helped me follow through on healthier eating patterns and if I had the space I’m sure I’d have a garden thanks to all her tips from her allotment.

Beauty Nook

Gemma from Beauty Nook makes her way into my favourites because to me she creates a realm that I escape to whenever I need to. Gemma is my go to on new releases, how to create looks and the low down on whether you can justify spending your hard earned money on the latest hype. She’s also such a down to earth and lovely person in real life too which is so refreshing when it carries across from a blog to real life. At the end of the day, we blog about our real lives and this whole “Instagram life” that seems to be so popular lately needs a good dose of Gemma to bring all these notions to rest.

Squidgy Moments

Kathleen from Squidgy Moments is the person to go to for wanderlust. I am constantly checking my bank account to see if I can nip off somewhere this weekend. Kathleen is the type of person that doesn’t just post inspirational quotes like “Travel is the one thing you buy that makes you richer” she lives it everyday. I love grabbing a cuppa and seeing where she has been exploring and going through her archives when planning a trip.


The most recent addition to my favourites has to be Aileen, when I was struck down with anxiety late last year, I just wanted to find someone who could relate and I found that I had already been following Aileen on Twitter for her beauty posts but she posts about her mental health struggles as well. I just thought her approach was so honest that I was hooked. It helped me cope at the time and has quickly become my top reads.

I hope that if we all share a bit of love we can put all this nonsense to bed, because we’ve lost so many great bloggers already and without bloggers there’s no community. Who else will justify me buying 5 red lipsticks in one go? It’s so much more than that. While shopping with one of my besties the other day I was talking about getting a proper makeup case and she said “well Nickki, not everyone has as much make-up as you” and I thought, she’s right. There’s a certain type of person who deliberates between close shades of eyeshadow or takes time to talk about their day – we’re content creators, social media managers and we don’t like it being associated with what the word “blogger” has become lately.