My top 4 travel wishlist

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It’s hard to deny I’ve been bitten by the travel bug since our honeymoon, I’m on a spending ban and saving every penny for more trips so I thought I’d throw together my dream list of destinations. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to travel nearly all my life and have been to many “exotic” places like Dubai. Luckily I have friends and family all over so if I’m ever stuck for somewhere to go – it’s not for long! Hopefully I’ll make it to all of these in my life time.


I’ve always been amazed by things like the 5 Corners, state/county lines – the idea of being in two places at once really. So obviously the idea of being between two continents at once fascinates me – not only that but Panama City is a stunning clash between old and new. The canal, and the distance between both north & south coasts is only 80km meaning you can go between the Carribean Sea and the Pacific Ocean in an afternoon!

Panama City
Credit International Living


When we started looking at honeymoon ideas, Iceland definitely cropped up, it’s half the flight time and always been a mystery to me. From the volcanoes to the geothermal hot springs and glaciers. This isn’t even including their courage in economics in recent times. I’m so jealous my mother and father in law are going there in October to see the Aurora Borealis.

Credit Nordic Visitor


Crater Lake

Our original honeymoon plan was to spend 2 weeks between Portland & Seattle and to take 2 days out of that and head down to Crater Lake, one of the seven wonders of Oregon – it’s absolutely stunning.

Crater Lake Oregon
Credit to Travelling Moods


Now to anyone that knows me will know why this is on the list. I work in food, particularly Mexican food. Oaxaca state is also the most biodiverse place on the planet. It has so many regional ingredients that are native and not available anywhere else in Mexico never mind the rest of the world.

Oaxaca City from above
Credit Tomzap

Do you travel much? Is there anywhere you’re dying to go?