My Journey to Cruelty Free

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My Journey So Far

Last year I decided once and for all I would make the choice to only buy cruelty free products. And not just with cosmetics and skincare – it goes much deeper than that. So many household cleaners and products, even down to simple things like deodorant and washing detergent are tested on animals to ensure they don’t cause rashes or irritation. It’s also made me think about the chemicals – particularly in cleaning products – we use every day and their impact on the environment but that’s for another post.

cosmetics skin care make up
My first totally cruelty free makeup haul


As a long time vegetarian (I originally made the choice for animal welfare reasons) I’m always conscious of the products I’m buying and whether they were tested on animals or not. Over the last few years I’ve been a bit hypocritical and focused more on the budget side of things than the welfare and ethics.

wet n wild los angeles nail polish limes and stars
My favourite CF nail polish brand

So how am I getting on?

Well there are such an array of vegan/cruelty free brands but especially with products that take forever to use up, mainly talking household products here, it has been tough. I’m proud to say for almost a year now my makeup and skincare kits has been cruelty free and a lot of it vegan too. I’m getting there with household products but the discussion in the apartment is cruelty free vs chemicals.

kat von d mother of all everlasting and studded lipstick limes and stars
Love the vegan Kat Von D Everlasting range

Personal Choices

There’s also choices you have to make yourself such as parent companies that test on animals – e.g. L’Oreal owns huge cruelty free brands like The Body Shop and Urban Decay, so do you want to support these cruelty free companies if overall it means the parent company still tests? This was a tough one for me but a lot of the brands I know and trust are completely cruelty free have testing parent companies.

Also China requires companies by law to test their products on animals – so if a company sells there are they truly cruelty free? Do they have a separate manufacturing facility or outsource their animal testing for the China market? This catches out a lot of brands that are cruelty free here in Europe or claim they don’t test on animals but still sell in China.

kat von d nip fab nyx cosmetics

Doing my Research

I’ve had some resources along the way as there can be some research involved. I want to thank Logical Harmony and Cruelty Free Kitty for doing all the hard work on the cosmetic and skincare side.

Household products are harder to navigate, for instance Tesco are against animal testing and fund alternatives but they still sell in China – so it’s a matter of convenience winning at the moment given that I have a Tesco Express less than 5 minutes away. 

one step wonder wetnwild e.l.f. baked highlighter and blush nyx cosmetics

Brands that have surprised me by being cruelty free – the likes of Superdrug (their own brand and B), Boot’s No7 brand and Penneys/Primark.

Overall I think by making more conscious choices I think we can show brands that we do care about animals and about the environment and force them to make similar choices to keep us buying their products.