My Christmas Wishlist

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So apparently my Autumn/Winter Wishlist wasn’t a big enough hint for gift ideas for my family so I’ve been asked to make up another one for Christmas. Subtle. So I thought I’d share a few things that have caught my eye since my last wishlist post.
I was very late to the NYX party mainly because I couldn’t find any stockists near me. There still isn’t one close by but you can buy online from Sam McCauley’s Chemists. As soon as these new palettes surfaced a few weeks ago I have literally been dreaming of them but I think I would be happiest with the Butt Naked or the Nude on Nude Christmas Palette. They’re also doing Black Friday deals!
I love getting stuck into the process and production of things. I’ve always wanted to learn more about chocolate and Hazel Mountain (featuring recently on Nationwide) sounds amazing. It’s also in Clare which is a county I’ve never been to, I love exploring.
Coffee Travel Mug & Custom Cosy
I have yearned for a decent coffee travel mug, as I always get ones that leak or don’t heat well enough. I don’t take a full cup of coffee either so I fear this is the problem, as I’ve used full thermal flasks and a normal coffee cup won’t fill a 500ml flask anyway. I came across those cosies on Etsy and I just think they’re so adoreable, especially for this time of year when all coffee places run out!
I for one am more than happy to receive vouchers for certain places, even one4all vouchers especially for the January sales it’s like two gifts in one! Debenhams, chemists, Boots, or any small local business I’ve mentioned on here before.
Christmas is a time of giving and while I do donate every month I am happy to receive a card that says a donation has been made in my name. When I receive money for Christmas or birthdays I always donate a portion to selected charities. My charities of choice are the Irish Dogs for the Disabled, DSPCA, Childline and the Simon Communities.
I hope this gives you some ideas for either your own wish list or maybe for someone who you consider difficult to buy for, or those that don’t buy into the whole spending a fortune on gifts.
Happy Shopping!