Manomasa – Tortilla Chips with a difference?

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I love finding new products. Even better when I find a product I’ve known about for a while but never seen on shelves. Enter Manomasa, I will admit I came across this brand when I was in college doing research for complimentary products to go with salsa, back when they had only launched. 
Manomasa seems to have taken the UK market by storm for a quality tortilla chip while still being affordable. In fact, they’ve just launched three new flavours into their range so they must be doing something right. 
Within their 6 flavours they have 3 types of chips, Totopos, Super Scoop and the Sixer all different shapes for different uses. 
I finally found these in Get Fresh Rathfarnham for €2.99 a bag. Which ain’t bad considering Doritos are around €2.70 when they’re not on offer and not in an independent store!


I found the Chipotle & Lime smell very reminiscent of Pringles BBQ flavour, so that was a little off putting but otherwise they have great crunch, a lovely hum of heat (but not overpowering) and different flavour than what I’d be used to in a tortilla chip, or a crisp for that matter. What really stood out to me is that these cry out for some fresh salsa to be dunked in. 
In Mexico they have this Chili & Lime Powder that they put on EVERYTHING, like fruit, breakfast everything. And that’s what this kinda did to me, it reminded me of that product, I have to get another bag to try it out with fresh fruit/fruit salsa.


As you can imagine, the first thing that springs to my mind is these bad boys I ate far too many of when I was younger. Thankfully I wasn’t ill and hadn’t any bad flashbacks. I really liked these & D loved them (as he does with anything cheese flavoured!) but again they cry out for dips!
Will I buy them again? Yes! Will I try other flavours? Yes!
Will I make sure to have an abundance of salsa at the ready next time? Hell yes!
What’s your favourite thing to munch on? Do you prefer sweet or savoury?
Let me know in the comments below 🙂
Have a great week guys!