Lisa Heeney Natural Beauty Products – Update

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Since my last post about Lisa Heeney and her wonderful natural beauty products, I’ve become a brand ambassador for her products which is an amazing feeling given that I haven’t been blogging that long! 
lisa heeney natural beauty products logo

Her natural lotion bar is not only fantastic for travelling, but also for those days when you forget to moisturise or can’t in my case. I do Pole Fitness every Monday night (post coming on that shortly), because of this I can’t moisturise most of the exposed skin (arms & bottom half of legs) on a Sunday/Monday to avoid being too slippy on the pole. 

All Natural Body Lotion Bar Lisa Heeney
I’ve found the lotion bar fantastic for keeping my skin’s moisture locked in without having that “just moisturised” feel so they just feel incredibly soft! I even used it on my face too, out of pure laziness & got compliments on how fresh I looked! That softness lasted 3 days on my face.
I joked with Lisa about my love of mint and if she could create a mint foot lotion bar just for me and she did it! I use it on my feet & if my elbows are particularly dry (e.g. the day after Pole Fitness). The more I use the foot lotion bar the more minty it gets, I absolutely love it and can’t wait to try some of her other bespoke skincare products! 
Lisa Heeney Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Peppermint Tingle

Lisa has been experimenting with new flavours of her lip balms too so now you can get a Peppermint flavour along with the others! Just like her others this lip balm is incredibly moisturising, great for under lipsticks but now in tingly peppermint for those who love mint! (Like me!)

 I’ve now signed up for her bespoke facial skincare and I just can’t wait to see the results! That’s right, bespoke as in created just for you and your skin to enjoy – especially if you have people admiring it it won’t go wandering (or shouldn’t anyway!) You can just send them to Lisa 🙂


The body lotion bar retails at €25 (amazing considering how long it lasts!), the Gift Set of 3 is €16 or individual lip balms at €6. 
Her bespoke skincare range can be found here and is completely tailored to your needs!

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