Lisa Heeney Bespoke Skincare

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That’s right, custom skincare made for your exact skin! And at an affordable price too.
A couple of months back Lisa Heeney made me her brand ambassador because if anyone asks me about my skin or beauty products I don’t shut up about her beautiful products. So I’ve been working my way through all her products even a couple of the pregnancy related ones just to see how they work on non-pregnant women (aka me!).
So I signed up for her bespoke skincare range opting for the serum and face cream combo. How it works is you send Lisa a quick email to arrange a consultation (costs just €30 compared to a dermatologist!) this consultation can be over phone or Skype and you fill out a questionnaire which Lisa will then ask for more information if she needs it. Next you decide what products you’d like/need – as I’m still relatively new to skincare – what my skin does and doesn’t need for my age etc – I decided on the face cream and because I have combination skin Lisa recommended the serum for me.
The serum was completely new to me so I was interested to see how I would get on – it can be used before you apply moisturiser or in place or a moisturiser. I use a couple of drops (as it expands on your skin from body heat) pre-bedtime on dry areas of my face such as under my nose, around my eyes and eyebrows and it makes such a difference that I’ve reduced my usage of it from everyday to every couple of days now. I lent it to my mum to try out as well as we have very similar skin and she used the whole bottle on me! So it works for all ages! I have definitely noticed changes in mine and her skin – always a lot easier to tell changes in someone else’s skin I find.
As for the face cream, it smells divine. I use this just like any other face cream/moisturiser – in the mornings and post shower/pre make-up. It’s cleared up the redness around my nose, balanced out my skin so now any break-outs I may have are completely down to my diet and not due to lack of skin care.
Face cream approx €30 (60ml) 
(Above: I’ve been using this since mid May and there’s still lots left)
Serum approx €22 (10ml)
Spritz approx €12 (100ml)
Oil Cleanser €18 (100ml)
Prices are approx depending on the ingredients used.
If you have any other requirements such as a balm or oil, let Lisa know & she’ll let you know what she can do!
After three months, Lisa recommends an assessment to see if there are any changes in your skin so she can adapt and provide the best service for you and your skin – how great is that?