Limes&Stars Is ONE!

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Limes and Stars is one! I can’t believe how quick this past year has gone! I averaged out about one post a week and so many events. I’ve made a lot of great friends through blogging this past year and it has opened my eyes up so much to the community that’s out there!
I’ve gone through a lot of changes in the past year both mentally and physically including moving, changing jobs, coming out of my shell and having  more confidence. While I know all of that is not down to the blog, it has definitely helped as I shared with you all as these things happened. 
I would love to thank everyone individually but I would be here til next year typing up all the names. You all know who you are. I do want to say a special thank you to the following in no particular order:
Lisa Heeney 
Lisa, for making me your brand ambassador and the support you’ve given me since we came across eachother in March.
Big Blonde Girl
Cat, for inviting me to your meet-up where I had my first offline blogging experience and made so many friends. 
Anita’s Beauty Spot – 
Anita, who helped me start blogging and who has supported me throughout the year and including me in your meet up. 
Ruby Laine 
Elaine, for throwing one heck of a meet-up and taking me out of my blogging comfort zone with my theatrical makeup!
Publicity Loft  
To all the girls at Publicity Loft, thank you for your invites, sharing my posts and your generosity. I swear I have posts in waiting for you!
Lynda Prendergast 
Lynda, for providing me with brush storage to house my Nima Brush addiction and for all the chats and support along the way. 

Custom Mug Christmas Blog

For creating an environment that fuels my blog – quite literally with my coffee mug. 

And the biggest thank you of all goes to you! 
Thank you for reading and hopefully enjoying my blog, I will strive to improve my ramblings in the coming year.