Into The West Blogger Network & Event – ITWBN

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A while back I came across a hashtag on Twitter #itwbn – I had no idea what it meant until I found the Twitter page which explained Into The West Blogger Network and what it’s all about. Into The West shines a light on the west of Ireland and its bloggers, all too often all us Dublin ones can forget there are amazing bloggers all over this island with so many events focused in Dublin. Many bloggers from outside do travel to Dublin for events but many can’t because of other commitments and responsibilities.
Into The West was started by two bloggers Saibh Egan and Sinead Carroll who felt there needed to be more of a community between bloggers rather than a competitive nature which can sometimes creep in. They hosted their third event in the Radisson Blu Galway on Sunday 8th February and welcomed many bloggers new and old into their blogging family. This was the biggest to date with a whopping 65 bloggers to entertain and take care of. No easy feat with 65 girls that know what they like!
Amazing cake made by A Modern Mammy World

I cannot express my gratitude to Saibh and Sinead enough, and only sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to meet Sinead on the day (next time!). The time and planning that went into this event was unreal, they thought of literally everything from the various speakers and length of their talks to the food and notebooks to take so many notes! All the attention to detail really astounded me!

I do admit I did have a few moments of anxiety and thoughts of not showing up but I am so glad I did. There was proper arranged seating meaning that you more than likely didn’t know someone you were sitting beside or at least in person. I was at the Kylemore Abbey table and knew it was a goodie when my fellow bloggers unashamedly started rooting through their goodie bags after we introduced ourselves.
All the goodies

From putting faces to familiar names and blogs, to catching up with bloggers and swapping tips the room was electric and I’m sure if I hadn’t had the drive back to Dublin I would’ve stayed long into the night too!

I’m now proud to call myself a proud member of ITWBN and part of a Facebook group full of wonderfully diverse bloggers that provide ongoing support to each other. Since joining this group not only have I been more inspired to blog but also more confident in my posts and writing because I know a few people will be looking for my next post or give me tips on how to improve or helping me find my new adventure or purchase!
So thank you so much Saibh and Sinead for creating such a safe haven and somewhere I can call a second home!