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We all know we should be reducing our food waste, buying smaller portions and no more than we need, but it is extremely hard to get rid of all food waste & incorporate it into your food. Best example I would have is bones, but having a vegetarian household my household example is eggshells. They simply have to go in the brown bin/compost, bones having to go in the brown bin.

It can be disgusting depending on the cooking and slimey-ness of your food, particularly if flies have gotten into your bin. As I live in an apartment complex I unfortunately don’t have the luxury of a brown bin or composter unless I carry the waste to family members’ homes.

A few years ago my mam came home with a great invention, compostable “plastic” bags for use with brown/compost bin, with a huge downside – the price. It was something like €4 for 20 bags, now thankfully these same bags are now available cheaper around the country in Dealz stores for €1.49. These are like your typical plastic liners, but unless you have a small bin to hold it while it’s filled it’s very fiddly and messy. Again you have the problem with flies if the bag has to sit at all.

This is where Obeo comes in, Obeo is a brand new food waste solution. It’s a cardboard box that is sturdy enough to sit on your kitchen counter, and because it closes, it traps smells inside the bag and prevents liquid leaks (e.g. grease/excess oil or squishy fruit) and will last 2/3 days (depending on how full it is, kitchen conditions, etc). Around their launch they sent me out a pack (consisting of 5 Obeo boxes/bags) and I couldn’t wait to try them out! 

So how did I get on? Well as mentioned I don’t have access to a brown bin, but I’ve used them in compost bins and they’re great. They break down quite quickly and speed up the composting process. I’ve also used them just for normal bins, because as I mentioned before there can be slimey messes and awful smells if your bin is sitting there. It curbs flies & makes us realise what we’re throwing away. It’s also neat and tidy on your worktop or sitting on top of your bin (as ours does). 
They’re now stocked nationwide in Dunnes Stores and retail at €3.75 for one pack or €15 for 2 months supply (20 boxes/4packs). I know I’ll be picking them up!
Do you compost or have a brown bin? Do you take note of your food waste or just throw it away?
Hope you have a lovely weekend!
*As I received my first pack of Obeo boxes to review, I was not paid to a positive review rather a real life insight into how these boxes are used – I have bought them since as I found them extremely useful and am grateful I have been introduced to the brand*