Hello – Friendly Oral Care

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Last week saw #irishbbloggers buzzing with the #wordofmouth secret blogger party which was held in the Trinity Hotel front last Tuesday. 
There was a lot of theories as to what to #wordofmouth launch could be – but we all concluded it was something to do with lips/mouth. 
About lunchtime Tuesday the news broke that it was the launch of American cult product Hello here in Ireland. 
Hello is a complete range of friendly dental hygiene products from toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouth wash and breath spray that are made cruelty free, and alcohol free. You won’t find any harsh chemicals in here either!
I was really intrigued after having a quick scan of the website and finding that one of the flavours is Mojito Mint, what could be better! Other flavours include Pink Grapefruit Mint and Supermint (which won’t blow your head off, don’t worry!)
Years ago when I was vegan I would’ve loved to have had these products available as natural toothpastes do not taste good. We chatted with CEO/Founder Craig Dubitsky about the brand, his dog (who is very cute!) and he asked us about blogging life.
 He talked about how all the dental brands out there are always “fighting and eliminating” and very clinical looking – very true – so he wanted to create something friendly and appealing. That he has definitely done. 
They’re so funky and fresh, they literally call out to you from the shelves. We were kindly sent home with a mouth wash and breath spray each. The breath sprays are tiny, more ergonomical than those old style cannisters you get, and because they don’t have alcohol they don’t have that cough-inducing sharpness, just leaves your breath feeling fresh and clean.
 And not to mention super handy for hand bags, it even locks so you don’t get residue in your bag!

While a few of us questioned how good it actually is doing normal things a mouth wash would do (kill bacteria, prevent plaque, etc) a quick look at the ingredients will tell you what you want to hear. It contains a natural ingredient called Xylitol (sounds natural right?!) which is used in toothpastes and in chewing gum and it’s what gives you that “clean & fresh” feeling & is proven to prevent caries & aids remineralisation. 
I’ve been using this for a week now and when I wake in the morning my teeth don’t seem as dirty. 

The mouth wash retails at €7.50 which for a non-mouthwash user seems expensive but after a trip down the dental hygiene aisle proves pretty reasonable for a natural product versus other competitors. 

The breath spray retails at €4.75, I think I’ll be picking a few up for different handbags! 
Both can be found in McCabes pharmacy and Sam McCauley chemists nationwide. 

Just want to say a huge thanks to the ladies at Publicity Loft, the guys at National Beauty, Craig and Hello for having us. 

Do you use mouthwash? Would you be inclined to try Hello?