The Happy Pear – Review

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I’m a huge fan of healthy eating as you may know and I’m always looking for a quick fix in terms of recipes that have lots of goodness without the time and effort going into them. We can’t always have a win-win but just sometimes it works out perfectly.
Since finding out about the Happy Pear out in Greystones, Co. Wicklow I’ve been obsessed about going there. Any time I’m in an independent retailer that stocks their wonderful products like their pestos or previously their Irish grown cherries I buy as many as my wallet will let me. I would gladly live off their pestos for the rest of my life.
The Happy Pear founders, twin brothers David & Stephen Flynn have one simple message – Eat More Veg! While themselves had previously been serious meat-eaters (much like myself) they found themselves exploring new ways of cooking healthier and less processed foods.
They’ve compiled this cookbook to celebrate the first 10 years in business and I’m sure it’s been a whirlwind for them. It’s a great way for them to document their recipes that might otherwise be lost but also to guide *willing* people to be more adventurous with their veg and meals. 
They also document their journey from seeing if music festivals & healthy eating mix, their Happy Heart Course, to the community they’ve built both online and out in Greystones. Their energy is infectious even through the book and has inspired a health kick.
Normally when I get a new cookbook I just can’t wait to try out the recipes, with this book I just can’t decide as everything just sounds so hearty and good. I haven’t even bookmarked it because I wanna try everything out, eventually. 
After trying their raw brownies (of which the recipe can be found in the book) last week I think they may be a starting point!
Have you any healthy eating tips to share? Have you been to the Happy Pear or something like it? Would love to know in the comments below
Have a great week everyone!