Foodie Finds – Bloom 2015

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Quickly becoming one of my favourite weekends of the year – the Bloom in the Park festival takes place over the June Bank Holiday weekend every year and this year was no different, a hive full of foodie finds.
 I talked Boyler into coming with me this year once the weather held up. 
Although I didn’t get to catch up with many people we explored the entire festival even bracing our hayfever ridden heads in the floral pavillion. I still wish we did more and bought more!
Here are my favourite food products/brands I found at this year’s Bloom – keep in mind they’re all veggie focused as Ireland’s food businesses really start recognising us!
Although Skoff Pies originally launched last year around Bloom time, I only found out they have recently launched a vegetarian pie to my delight. Developed by Donal Skehan working with Green Saffron spice blends, I was really excited to try these so we picked two up for dinner. 
The pastry for these is amazing and I just found out it’s a mix of shortcrust and puff pastry, best of both worlds! The filling is quite unusual it has a bit of an Indian twist from the spice blend but a mixture of chickpeas, spinach and sweet potato works really well with the pastry and the spices. Definitely a meal in itself, wouldn’t mind this for lunch on the go some day! Definitely buy again!
Another recent launch – although the Glenisk stand was absolutely jammers (due to the fact they were giving these out for free!), I was determined to try their new Greek Style Strained Protein Yogurt, fat free and boasting a much higher protein content to other yogurts. 
This is the first fat free vegetarian yogurt I’ve come across as most use gelatine to set the yogurt. 
On the way home I picked up a tub of this in the vanilla flavour and had it for my breakfast during the week with a few frozen blueberries and my my, the texture, it’s lovely and thick but almost tastes like it was whipped rather than strained. Can’t wait to try the other flavours and give it a go with my overnight oats!
Vegetarian pudding! 
The MAD Food Co are traditionally a pudding company but to our delight they’ve also dived into the world of vegetarian pudding. 
Better still was the reaction of one of the men on the stand at Bloom when we told him we had recently tried their twin pack of veggie puddings, he was delighted and got into a big conversation with Boyler about the flavour profile and what we eat it with (a full veggie fry of course!). I wasn’t a big pudding fan before I became a vegetarian but thanks to these guys I definitely would call myself a fan. We’re trying out different ways of doing this & will be trying out some traditional pud recipes from the many many cookbooks we have to see how they fair up. So far my favourite is the chorizo flavour!
Did you go to Bloom this year or before? Did you find any must-haves? 
Did the weather hold up? Would love to know below.
Thank you so much for reading!