Crazy for Dough’s Nuts – Empire Donuts

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So as you may know I was at Bloom in the Park recently (see my post here). Whilst there I intended to try as many new products as I could, and specifically try products I knew about but hadn’t tried yet.
This is where Empire Donuts comes in.
I came across Empire Donuts online a while ago and since I’ve been searching their stockists to no avail. When I found out they’d be in the Love Irish Food tent at Bloom I could barely contain my excitement. It was nearly the first place I went (first to see if I could get a poncho for the rain on Thursday morning).

Whether you would consider it fortunate or unfortunate that they were positioned by the very successful Skoff Pies (Donal Skehan & family business), Empire were drawing the crowds all by themselves. 
Remember when you were young and walking into a bakery and that waft of maltose & yeast/bread got stuck up your nose making you want anything you set your eyes on? Yeah that. Nowadays that smell is commercially bought & used as a marketing ploy in most supermarkets (sorry to burst that bubble!) so the baked goods drawing you in rarely taste as good as they “smell”. 
Empire Donuts deliver. Simple as.

Coconut Crumb Mini Donuts
& Cinnamon Donut Holes

They have two types of donuts – yeast-raised (what we know as traditional) and cake donuts (more American style – very sweet). The yeast-raised are mostly vegan, just depending on if it has a custard cream centre or a chocolate glaze on top. 
I did half suspect they might let me down as many baked goods have before but they were so good! That satisfying bite that just puts all cravings to rest, the smell that instantly makes your mouth water & the feel of a baked good that melts your troubles away.
I’ll definitely be keeping a keen eye on these guys!
Check them out on Twitter too here