Creating Christmas Our Way


So it has been some time since my last post. And the blog is undergoing a massive transition. My plan was to have everything up and running by Christmas but the best laid plans… onto creating Christmas, our way.

Anyway so it’s Christmas. I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster with my feelings towards Christmas, between finding out about Santa, to being a total communist and not wanting to celebrate one year, to losing the magic and even spending one Christmas in Dubai. The past few years especially have seen me do a complete 180 since my gorgeous niece Millie was born. It’s been amazing watching her grow and learn all about Christmas and Santa. It’s really brought back all the magic.

It’s got me seriously thinking about the future and how I want to host Christmas when we have our own house and our own children. This year sees me finally taking the first leap as we start our own traditions and merging our two families.

This year we’ve agreed to spend Christmas Eve with my parents which my family have always preferred, we have a big dinner with nice music (the year I bought my dad a Metallica cd and my nana liked it definitely springs to mind!) and Christmas Day which is huge in the Boyle household with them. It’s going to be a massive change for me as my family haven’t had so many round the dining table in 10 years and also fitting in with another family’s traditions.

Some traditions I love and I hope we’ll keep as we continue on our journey
Decorating the tree together
Making homemade gifts – maybe I don’t make all of them but it’s nice to make the effort
Christmas drinks – they don’t have to be alcoholic I just love catching up with friends
Christmas clothes – something I’ve never really grown out of, I love having something new, gives you such a confidence boost!
Stocking fillers should always be edible!
Waiting until at least December 1st to curl up with a blanket and watch The Muppets Christmas Carol

While my hunt for our Christmas stockings continue I hope you’ve enjoyed peering into my Christmassy world. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2016!