Cocoa Brown – It’s about time!

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I’ve been a Cocoa Brown fan basically since I found out about the brand and bought my first bottle about a year and a half ago. My go to for tan would either be a spray tan from a salon or Sally Hansen’s Leg Make-Up. 
I was actually quite scared to use it at first as I nearly always have streaks and uneven legs. I’m not sure why I was scared, all that would happen is some extra scrubbing in the shower to start over again. I’ve gone through many bottles since.
I still haven’t tried the whole range yet, yes I’ve been taking my sweet time about it but every product I’ve tried I’ve used the whole product up without question. My least favourite product out of the 4 I’ve tried (1 hour tan, Night & Day tan, 1 Hour tan (dark) & Gentle Bronze) has been the Night and Day tan, probably my own fault due to timing and just lashing it on but it’s one of the very few times I’ve gotten streaks from any of the products (the other times were going to bed before showering and getting what I refer to as “sleep marks”, creasing from pyjamas & sheets).
Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze gradual tanner Irish
A few weeks ago I attended the #irishbbloggersfun event and Cocoa Brown were so good to include a Gentle Bronze in our goodie bags. I was really excited to try this out as I’m not a huge fan of gradual tanners, again probably my lack of ability to apply them. 
The first things I noticed were the colour & the smell, it looks like chocolate frosting and has the distinctive Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia smell. Next thing was how smooth and moisturising it is. I’ve actually noticed this with all the products I’ve tried, it leaves your skin exceptionally soft after application. Overall the tans are supposed to last about 5 days, but I’ve gotten nearly 7 out of it with the 1 hour dark thanks to my pale skin!
I’ve had a “natural glow” for about two weeks now and it’s given me confidence to get my legs out (to my detriment with changeable weather) and not worried about being pale. I’m naturally quite sallow skinned but I don’t seem to take a natural tan any more and thanks to Cocoa Brown people don’t even know/ask.
I’m really looking forward to trying out Tough Stuff and Chocolate Whip, especially from the rave reviews they’ve gotten. They also have 1 hour spray tans available in select salons too!
With Cocoa Brown expanding worldwide, I wish them every bit of success as a cruelty free and successful Irish brand, they definitely have a loyal customer here.
I think it’s bold enough to say I’d be quicker naming where Cocoa Brown isn’t stocked! 
All major chemists, Tesco carry the products and even Aer Lingus if you need a travel kit! 
Prices for full sizes range from €5.99-€7.99 

How have you gotten on with self/gradual tanners? Have you tried Cocoa Brown yet?

Would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Hope you have a lovely week!