My First Chic Treat Club

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I know I’m so behind on trends but I’m so excited to finally have signed up to Chic Treat Club and receive my first box. Even better that it arrived while I was out of the office so it was sitting there proudly waiting for me when I got back. It took every ounce in me to wait til I got home, especially when I got delayed. 
After spending way too much this month (and last month, and the month before that…) I am officially on a spending ban until my birthday in March where I will allow myself a set amount. I have my basic makeup that I have stocked up on while they were on deals in Boots and Sam McCauley’s Chemists along with a few other goodies that will certainly keep me going and give me plenty to review. 
I couldn’t completely stop myself so a subscription to Chic Treat Club is the perfect solution so I will receive products that get me all excited but without burning a hole in my debit card and savings. I have been so jealous of fellow bloggers as wonderful subscription boxes arrived month after month so my day had finally come.
My initial thoughts where that the box was smaller than I imagined it to be and while I knew a couple of products it didn’t excite me straight away. So I went away and came back. I had another look and I can’t wait to try the products in the box now after having a little read of the Muse leaflet explaining each of the products. I’m most excited to try No More Dramas – its a fake tan corrector and remover. It smells quite nice too and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals (the main ingredient is salt!)
Very impressed with my first Chic Treat Club box and already looking forward to the next one!

Chic Treat Club has three different options to subscribe – rolling monthly at €16.95 (incl delivery),  3 months at €44.95 and 6 months at €89.95 which gives you a month free too!
Have you subscribed to any subscription boxes or the like?  
How do you find them?
Hope you’re having a great week!