Cocoa Brown Kind Range

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As an avid Cocoa Brown tan (I literally have a shelf in the bathroom that is totally full of pink) when I heard they were going to be launching “kind” shampoo, conditioner and shower gel I was disappointed.

Having attended their Autumn Launch last year for their Golden Goddess, and instant tans I was dying for them to announce an in shower tan like their competitors.


So to say I was a little skeptical was an understatement – could my favourite tan brand really expand so much and keep it all good? When reviews of this little travel set started appearing across my social media I knew I had to see for myself.



I’ve been having awful trouble with my hair lately, I’ve been trying to switch out to sulphate free shampoos and conditioners, which has been leaving my hair dull and greasier than normal. I’ve recently been doing the double wash with two different shampoos and there was no difference. And finally I’ve been trying to only wash every two days instead of every day – only to see how bad dry shampoo is for your hair.

So I tried out the shampoo and conditioner together. It felt amazing – just even cleaning my hair, it enhances my entire shower experience. As soon as I got out, I told my husband he had to try it to see if I had any bias. He noticed the difference only using the conditioner. When I woke up, not only was my hair less knotty and easier to manage – I literally just had to run a brush through it. I didn’t need to style my fringe to keep it in place or do my parting. It feels so light and bouncy!

On a recent weekend away, I brought the full travel set and tried everything out, again I had the exact same reaction – it just made the whole showering experience so much better. Not to mention with the matching shower gel I no longer have conflicting smells which can react against each other meaning you don’t smell clean and refreshed. Without asking, my husband used the shampoo and conditioner and said “is that stuff expensive? We should switch out to them, my hair feels so much better”. I dried my hair and did nothing to it – see the results below – that’s just running a brush through it after drying.


Finally the tanning wipes, I was especially dreading these. Something vague about the ones out in the late 90’s/early 2000’s have me horrified like waking up to the sight of unbinned makeup removal wipes after a big night out. I approached these with extreme caution, my faith in CB non existent when it came to these. Again, they blew me out of the water. Not only did they top up my existing tan but they completely extended the length of my tan.

I’ve seen a decrease in knots, my hair genuinely feels healthier and I think my husbands comments speak for themselves! Needless to say our pink shelve will soon be gaining a sister shelf! Totally converted. And of course, it’s great to be supporting an Irish company.


Hope you have a great week!