Building Bonfires on my Vanities and Doubts..

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So to say I’ve been a little out of sorts lately is one of my understatements of the year. I’ve been knocked for six in many ways. I’ve been very stressed with work which I didn’t realise had accumulated and decided to take toll on my mental health. It left me very unsteady (literally suffering from vertigo) and unfortunately I got to experience severe anxiety. That’s what not this post is about though.

Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls are hands down my favourite act and for many reasons but mostly because they are honest. I first fell in love when I was 17, seeing Frank play solo with a local band Chewing on Tinfoil and as they had brought him over he insisted they headline the show. Then he played. I distinctly remember he broke a string playing Long Live the Queen and told a story while he restrung his guitar and ploughed into Thatcher F**** the Kids. We spoke to him after and ever since I have gone to see him every chance I get. I’ve gotten my parents into him to the point that I brought them to see him in the Olympia back in November.

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, The Olympia, 16th November
Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, The Olympia, 16th November

I recently attended the cinema premiere of Get Better, a documentary about the life on the road. It’s brutally honest and I don’t expect anything less. The band and indeed Frank inspire me to be something more. Though I’ve become a cliche in many ways and sung in many lyrics of many songs it doesn’t mean I can’t be happy and still enjoy the music and culture of my youth. It makes me want to play music and just not care. It’s my therapy.

Get Better Frank Turner Documentary Poster Movies@ Dundrum
Get Better – A Frank Turner Documentary

So whether it’s getting ready to go out, ploughing some boring work or making a dark day a little better I know Frank & The Sleeping Souls will help.

What’s your go-to when you’re feeling blue? Or in general, not necessarily music. I’d love to know.
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