Have you had your breakfast today?

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Most of us know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us actually eat something proper and substantial?
Razza coffee Edinburgh latte
Most don’t get to work without one of these! Not me!
I’ve been fighting for 4 years now to get D to have breakfast and it’s only been since he starting working again that he started. With cereal bars (bleh!). I now have him on granola & yoghurt which I’m pretty happy about. 

I usually start my day with some fresh fruit/smoothie/juice to kickstart my system leaving granola for lunch. With the whole juicing craze at the moment I thought this would peak some of your interests

We’ve been having smoothies at least 5 days a week for quite some time now & when our last stick blender kicked the bucket we were devastated as it’s such a part of daily life for us. Introducing the Kenwood Smoothie2Go (aka the cheap Nutribullet)

Kenwood Smoothie2GoTravel Mug Kenwood Smoothie2GoKenwood Smoothie2Go Mango Raspberry

We picked this up for €26 in Argos and it’s the best money we’ve ever spent. Originally looked at the Nutribullet but given we’re both skint at the moment it was a no go so we came across the Kenwood on the off chance, the ice crushing function sold it for us as we buy fruits in bulk when they’re on special, prep them & freeze them so we have a constant supply, also saves on water/ice for smoothies/juices.

It’s so handy, it works exactly like the Nutribullet just for about 1/5 of the price, our friend was sickened when we told him about it. It comes with two mugs that have travel lids too so you don’t even have to transfer it, just swap lids & go!

We said if we get a month out of it we’ll be lucky but it’s 2 weeks and going strong. Will keep you posted on that though on my Twitter but even if it goes, won’t be too upset as we haven’t spent a fortune!

What do you have for breakfast? Do you have smoothies? Have you tried a juice detox? 

Would love to know in the comments below!