Boojum Kevin St – just opened

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So if you don’t know by now, I love Mexican food, and even a lot of the Tex-Mex that’s passed off as Mexican food in this country. Burritos are not in the slightest bit traditional Mexican but they are Cal-Mex as they originated in San Francisco. And it all very easily gets classified under Mexican food, which often gives the food itself a bad name for being greasy and deep fried. Not everything is deep fried, and definitely not greasy.
Anyway rant over. A new Boojum has just opened on Kevin St they kindly* asked me to come down and suss the new place out on their launch day!
Boojum started in Belfast in 2007 on Botanic Ave and is Ireland’s original burrito bar. John and Karen Blisard set it up after they couldn’t find the foods they loved in the US here in Ireland. They now have 5 including Kevin St, two in Belfast, one in Galway and this is their second in Dublin.
It has been quite a while since I’ve been to a Boojum in Dublin as I’m rarely over that side of town (for work reasons), and when it comes to burritos Boojum is joint with Little Ass Burrito Bar in my opinion for vegetarian burritos anyway. Each is different as Boojum is build your own and Little Ass has made the decision for you and their flavours while Mexican are quite different.
So what did I think? Well the first thing you notice in the new location is the space! It’s so spacious and there’s a lot more seating than in other locations* (*cant speak for Galway as I’ve never been). The staff are so friendly and bubbly! 
D got a veggie burrito with salsa roja and Corona  (pictured), I got a veggie burrito bowl including guacamole (for meat eaters this is a 75c add on, nice touch) & salsa roja. 
Everything was super fresh and flavourful (as you would expect with Boojum anyway!) and since the last time I’ve been their burrito bowls have gotten even bigger!
Overall I think Boojum are going to make a killing in this location, particularly when college starts up again as it’s between DIT Kevin St and DIT Aungier St. 
Their prices range from €6.25 (veggie) to €6.75 (barbacoa beef) for burritos, they also do a range of extras (if you need them… I had so much in my veggie bowl I’ve brought it home for dinner!) which is ridiculously good value as you won’t be looking for a snack after these.
I’ll definitely be back again as this location is a lot handier for me even if I want to drive in and pick some up it’s not too far into town that you’ll be stuck in traffic. Best of luck to them!
*Disclaimer* Although my food was complimentary, this is my honest opinion and I would have checked the new place out regardless of having to pay or not!