Barefaced Dinners

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Bumbles of Rice
Recently I’ve been commenting on & loving Sinead’s #barefaceddinners posts that came off the back of the #nomakeupselfie that recently raised a lot of money for cancer awareness & research. The idea behind it is, rather than our overfiltered, food styled masterpieces on Instagram that are pretty much cold before we eat them (not that you’ll find many on my own Instagram!), to document what we really eat, whether it’s glamorous or not. In my own case, it’s definitely not glamorous – it’s usually slapped on a plate and eaten before a second thought is given.
There are just two of us for dinners most nights & although I love food & cooking, the majority of the time it’s David who cooks – unless we’re having a frozen pizza or the like – then the “cooking” is handed over to me!
So the past week this is what our dinner plates have seen across them
We love Indian food & the village David is from, happens to have one of the best Indian takeaways in the country. They also do fantastic & filling meal deals for both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.
We got their meal deal for one, which consists of 2 samosas (or onion bhajis), rice, a naan bread, poppadums & a main dish (this time we went with Aloo Gobi), on top of this we got chips & I opted for a Chilli Masala which I regretted at the time & was barely able to eat at all.
Smash! This is my term for beans & mash – I picked up some gorgeous floury spuds from the McNally Family Farm on Sat at Temple Bar Food Market so mashed them up with some cheesy spicy beans for dinner, David added some veggie sausages into his dinner too. 
On Mondays I have fitness class so always means an early dinner – This Monday saw David use the rest of my Chilli Masala from Sat in a casserole with baked eggs & purple sprouting broccoli. Best use of a leftover in a long time!
The day chaos hit the household, our shower leaked & flooded the kitchen leading the ceiling to collapse in part. With the kitchen off limits we decided to go to a local restaurant – Pandini’s at Newlands Cross – I got a Gardinera pizza, David got a margherita & chips. We split a banoffee waffle for dessert (I suggest you go to Pandini’s just for the waffles! They’re that good!)
The day of the #Bizpartyinspires conference in the Green Isle. Not trusting the carvery menu I prepared a falafel wrap – consisting of falafel, halloumi, carrots, peppers, lovage, little gem lettuce, mibuna leaves & roasted garlic & basil pesto. Having a stir-fry at the conference made way for that beauty for dinner.
Unfortunately David had a funeral removal to attend so dinner ran very late – knocked up cheesy spicy beans & baked eggs.
With the funeral today I’ll be eating on my own for a seldom change. I’m going to chance my arm at gnocchi (sometimes doesn’t agree with my stomach) with some of the leftover pesto, cheese & salad leaves. Should that fail me I have some veggie burgers in the freezer.
So there you have it, while a chaotic week with the kitchen off limits for the most part we managed to deal & still eat healthy enough. Will next week’s dinners be healthier? I hope so!
Get involved with Sinead’s challenge at the link above, hope to see you there!