Favourites from April/May 2014

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So I know I’m a bit late with this post so I’ve incorporated May into it too. Just a quick mini-review on a few pieces I’ve been reaching for again and again.
New Look Red Heels June 2013 strappy
New Look June ’13
These heels have been on the go since I bought them for our engagement party last July. It’s made me wear red more and really made me think about my accessories for outfits. 
They aren’t ridiculously comfortable but you can do a night out in these bad boys and not whimper about forgetting your flats. I think they were €30 so definitely a bargain!
Aveda UK sample rosemary mint shampoo conditioner
Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner
Although I love my LUSH shampoo bars, sometimes you want to pamper yourself – I was gifted these by our wedding venue that happens to be a supplier & my hair felt amazing after each wash. I keep this for those days when you need a serious pick-me-up because somehow I can’t see myself forking out €30+ each for the full size. 
Nima Kabuki Brush trio make up brushes
Nima Brush – Kabuki Trio
I adore the Nima brand and spoiled a few people with brush sets for birthdays/Christmas but never got some for myself, until now. On a recent splurge on DolledUp I just had to pick these three up & I’m so glad I did!
The flathead kabuki has made applying powder so easy & not having to worry about patches, the roundhead – perfect for bronzer & of course my favourite is the contouring brush, this has been the finishing touch (pre-setting spray) to all my looks lately and I just love how flawless it makes me feel & look!
Cleanse Off Mitt makeup removal
Finally got myself one!
I’m sure these need no introduction, but for those who don’t know Cleanse Off Mitt, its a replacement for facial wipes with absolutely no nasties because all you use is WATER! I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin recently (partly down to a new skincare routine also) but I really think this is one of the main reasons.
I have a pack of face wipes on hand at any given time – for spills, stickyness (you’d swear I was a mum but just clumsy!) but mainly for being lazy about taking my make up off at night. At €5 tops for one of these that lasts 3 months, it’s worth trying out for yourself.
So those are just a few of my current go-to’s. What have you been reaching for lately? Has anything really surprised you?
Have a good week!