An Alternative Honeymoon part 2

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When it came to our honeymoon we knew we didn’t want a sun holiday or what they call a “traditional” honeymoon, much like our non-traditional Marvel Themed wedding but about a year into the planning people started asking where we would be off to once the big day was done. Neither of us had given it much thought but I said we should probably go somewhere we’ve both always wanted to go and almost in unison we both said “Portland!” So that was very easily fixed but when we started looking at prices and all the activities we wanted to do (given that Boyler loves the outdoors and how many amazing things there are to see in Oregon).

I asked advice from a fellow blogger and friend Kathleen over at Squidgy Moments who not only is a travel blogger but has the joy of working for TourAmerica also. Although, of course Portland wouldn’t be top of their destinations list, Kathleen was so patient and helped us plan the trip of a lifetime, even suggesting while we were on the west coast, why just go to Portland and Seattle but to maybe take in Vegas, San Francisco or Yosemite National Park. So we did, and we are so grateful she suggested it! So here’s how we got on on the second leg of our trip!

Alaska Airlines

I just have to mention how amazing these guys were – I would recommend flying with them anywhere they could accommodate – they were so helpful and laid back it really made the journey a lot more enjoyable (considering we didn’t get sitting together because I can’t count 🙈). I’ve flown with many airlines and these are by far the best.

They operate a lot of code share flights internally in the US for American Airlines which also means frequent flyer miles and also they are very reasonable, think the Ryanair of the US but with better services/facilities.


Needless to say the place we wanted to go originally was my favourite. From our landing at sunset with a stunning view of Mount Hood, Portland just blew me away. Wow. The Benson hotel was very nice and all the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. The area is great, very central but close to public transport links should you wish to venture further.

Portland Boardwalk

Although we didn’t avail of the food truck pods, any food we had was amazing – it’s just another level entirely, especially for us veggies. We went to the Farmers Market and weren’t disappointed, just sad we couldn’t buy everything! There is a heavy focus on organic and local produce in Portland/Oregon which we absolutely loved. Everyone is so friendly and proud of what they are as a city.

veggie grill sign garlic
Saw this in Veggie Grill – a veg chain restaurant – so me!

Not to mention there is no sales tax. Shopping galore! Just a glimpse of what I picked up.

cosmetics skin care make up

We also went to the Oregon Zoo in Washington Park which is enormous, both the zoo and the park itself. Portland is known as the city of national parks and it’s easy to see why, there’s green everywhere! Open spaces and so many activities and festivals. We got the MAX (equivalent of LUAS/Light Rail) to Robertson Tunnel which we had no idea about but was fascinating!

At the zoo I saw my very first real life otter, and fell in love. They are so clever and have adapted so well to the life they have. They use their chest plates as a dinner plate and crack open clams and mussels with rocks. They also have no blubber or fat insulation, instead they blow air bubbles into their thick fur coat to keep themselves warm!

otter portland zoo


Again another amazing city. It felt like our time was so short because we went to see one of our favourite bands The Used on their 15 year anniversary tour of their first album – over two nights they played their first two albums start to finish. Then we spent our last day with David’s brother who came down from Vancouver. Also we didn’t end up renting a car we ended up getting the train and it was a great alternative because we got to see lots more than just the interstate like the photo above.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The Fairmont Olympic hotel was top notch – Kathleen really outdid herself on that one, they even upgraded us for free so we got a junior suite.

Seattle is incredible but nearly on par with SF for the steep hills down to the seafront. All about the coffee but there is an incredible buzz all around the Pike Place market and surrounding streets. You could pick up samples from each stall and have a full lunch! Definitely worth a visit!IMG_20160407_201421


So there you have our wonderful honeymoon in a nutshell. We were so delighted with our choice to use TourAmerica, Kathleen was so patient with us and knew how to create our perfect alternative honeymoon.


Have you been to any of these places? Did I miss anything? Would love to know in the comments below.