What I learned on my wedding day

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While our big day was absolutely incredible and I wouldn’t change any of it, here are a few pieces of advice for your wedding day that I was not prepared for…

The Toilet Scenario

I googled all the different ways to use the bathroom before my wedding day to see what would work, what I didn’t think was to take into consideration the size of the cubicles in our venue. I am happy to report that the straddle method(Tip 2) works for most toilets and also gives you back a little independence. Also if you do opt to have help and use the disabled toilets and you do happen to keep a disabled person waiting, they will more than understand given the circumstances (but try to be as quick as you can if you hear a knock all the same).

No matter how comfortable your shoes are, your feet will hurt

This one goes for everyone involved – you’re going to have your shoes on for at least 8 hours it doesn’t matter how comfortable or what miracle trick/hack you’ve used at some stage they are going to hurt, just make sure your backup/flats are super comfortable – a pair of fluffy socks will go a long way but don’t cover you in the case of spilled drinks. If you can remember to moisturise your feet as much as you can in the lead up and the night of the wedding, this will help your feet bounce back quicker.

Eat EVERY Chance You Get

The week leading up to the wedding I was running around like a mad woman which meant I wasn’t eating properly either – I ended up preparing myself by having small and many healthy snacks and plenty of water. The morning of I didn’t have a massive breakfast but opted for toast and fruit, later in the morning having snacks throughout. Half an hour before the ceremony I had a banana to stabilise my blood sugar and to help with nerves. Nothing like the fear of fainting to make you even more nervous.

It’s the Morning-of, You Realise You’ve Forgotten Something

First of all your go to reaction will be to panic and freak out, it might be best to have the little freak out as it will get it out of your system. Our wedding planner Fiona from WickedWeddings.ie gave me some very good advice – “if you’ve forgotten it it wasn’t that important to remember”

One from the Groom – Time

You may have a lot more time than the girls in terms of not having to do hair and makeup, but the time will fly by whether you’re chilling or helping out with details of the day. The fun bits like the getting ready photos will seem like 5 mins.

Your team will have your back in ways you won’t even know

You’ve picked your girls and guys to share and support you on your special day. This is their time to shine. If/when problems arise, this is not your concern and if at all possible should be kept away from you as much as possible. I found out about things that went on the day after our wedding but everyone kept their cool and I had no idea. I just had to mention something and it was taken care of. I’m so grateful to my girls for everything they did on our wedding day that helped me stay calm.

The day after – you will ache!

Similar to the shoe scenario, I was in bits – not just tired but so achy. My shoulders were raw from the embroidery on my dress to the point that my tan came off!

So there you go! If you have anything to add I’d love to know below, these don’t just apply to your big day but also other big occasions.

Have a great weekend!