Adeste Fideles

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I’m a nostalgic person as it is, but Christmas brings out a lot of great and no so great memories. Its a time when an empty chair at the table is more noticed, but rarely spoken about, no matter how many years it’s been empty. It’s a rough time for anyone who has lost a loved one or had a falling out leaving them feeling lonely. 
I’m very excited about this year, as it’s the first year my immediate family will be together in four years. I’m also starting to make my own traditions with Boyler and fitting in with his family traditions too. It’s all very heartwarming. We have had our fair share of heartbreak in the last few years, this year being no different, so we make changes to accommodate others and make sure they’re doing okay.
Then it hit me, an instrumental version of O Come All Ye Faithful as I perused the bakery during my weekly shop. I had a distinct memory of sitting in my nana’s living room, I can only assume around Christmas time in her later years and she told me a story I hadn’t heard before (which was a very rare thing). 
She told me she only knew it in Latin, singing Adeste Fideles as she relished her own childhood memory. The choir in St Mels of Longford would sing it outside the cathedral around before or after midnight mass and it would always stick with her as she stood around with her siblings. 
I started thinking of all the ones I’ve lost and the Christmas memories I have with them or stories from their families. That’s just it, one thing can have such an emotive chain reaction. I try not to dwell on bad memories, focus on making new better ones and that’s my plan. I see such joy in my niece’s face as she shows us the newest thing she’s learnt or the squeals of laughter out of her as she throws her toys everywhere. She makes me excited for Christmas, to spend time with family, whether relative or not.
I do my best to see everyone I want to see or don’t get to see as often as I’d like, and touch base with those I can’t see face to face. I reach out to those that may just want the assurance that someone is there. I think it’s one of the reasons I like homemade gifts and making them, it makes me feel closer to those I give them to.
Thank you for reading.
Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful lead up to Christmas.