A more Sustainable Life

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Rude Awakening

Since my visit to Vancouver and alongside my cruelty-free journey I’ve begun to realise that I wasn’t as environmentally conscious as I once thought. I began to assess how much stuff I have and how much we don’t need and throw away needlessly. Ever since I can remember I’ve always cared about animals and how we harvest the earth no matter the consequences and I think I lost sight of that for some time. Herein lies the story of my now more sustainable life.

Earth conscious Deodorant Hydrophil bamboo compostable toothbrushes limes and stars

Cruelty Free and Sustainable – Go hand in hand

When I made the decision to go cruelty free I began to see a lot more natural and organic solutions to my chemical laden products. It was really important for me that not only were the things I used on a daily basis kind to animals but also kind to the earth. A lot of the time these can go hand in hand as many people see them this way too.

Finding resources like Zero Waste and Eco-Warrior Princess were great at first but as they’re not based in Ireland it meant I had to find more local sources and more local products. I found Little Green Shop, Minimal Waste Grocery and Earthmother.ie as well as relying on Amazon to find brands that met all my criteria.

Sustainable Lifestyle – It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

It’s a gradual process but we’ve now got eco and cruelty free biodegradable cleaning products. Yes they have changed how I clean too, nothing a little elbow grease can’t solve!). We’ve also switched to a bamboo toothbrush (which I love!). Mostly though we’ve started buying more in bulk and saving our glass jars to refill at markets.

The worst culprit by far was the bathroom, full of plastics, most of which are tubes and not recyclable. Generally bathroom products like shampoos, toilet cleaners and moisturisers last a long time. They can be an absolute pain to clean out and recycle properly, this is where the problem lies.

Some of the products that have been an easy sustainable switch for every day life:

It’s not an overnight transition by far but with each small change it gets easier.

My Vices

I am also very aware that there will be things I won’t give up. These are for lack of a better term, my vices. The biggest one of these for me is definitely makeup. It’s something that you get a lot of use out of. I am currently working my way through many products to use up what I have. Having less overall but by no means will I stop buying makeup full stop.

So there you have it in a nutshell my new sustainable lifestyle. Do you worry about your impact on the environment or make little changes to make the world a better place?

I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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