50 Facts About Me TAG

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Hi everyone!
So yesterday afternoon I found myself tagged by the lovely Kayliegh over at Kaylieghland and thought what better way to get back into it. Hope you enjoy!
It has been too long since my last post and there’s no reason behind it other than I have not felt up to blogging as of late. It frustrates me, and every time I’m using certain products I’m like “ooo I should put this up on the blog!” and have yet to do any of that.
1. I’m the kind of person that reads inspirational quotes til I end up doing something about it for about 10 minutes but they will stay in my mind for ages.
2. I pick up accents very easily, when I moved to Belfast, I had the accent before I even had a place to call my own!
3. I have one older sister Triona who I definitely don’t get to spend enough time with, and my future in-law family who I absolutely adore.
4. There are very few people who can give me constructive criticism without me taking personally, it is something I’m working on.
5. I used to wish I grew up in the 1800’s. Mainly for the huge corseted dresses.
6. I nearly dropped out of school right before my Leaving Cert, but luckily came to my senses and dropped out of college six months later instead.
7. Family has become so important for me in the past few years. 
7. I am a firm believer in “friends are family you choose” and I think I get a bit too wrapped up in it sometimes.
8. I have spent a good chunk of my life in the south of Spain and would like to be fluent in Spanish someday. 
9. Those rainy days where you curl up with a blanket and watch movies are one of my faves.
10. My other favourite kind of day is a cool but sunny day at a food festival.
11. Boyler has passed some of his OCD tendencies on to me. I can no longer keep volumes on uneven numbers. 
12. I love helping out small businesses if I can.
13. When I was 9/10 I spelt my name Nickki and I insisted people spell it that way since. Determination. 
14. I love the feeling of achievement spending a few hours in the kitchen cooking.
15. I hate making decisions when I am not the only one involved. Dinner choices are a disaster!
16. I love Marvel Comic Superheroes and have taken a dislike to DC Comics on principal.
17. I will watch movies and TV series over and over again.
18. I never dreamed of a happily ever after when I was younger, so it definitely came as a surprise when I realised how much goes into a wedding!
19. I only started wearing liquid foundations 2 years ago when I started taking care of my skin.
20. Everyday I think about how things could be different.
21. I can be extremely lazy.
22. I get my crazy organisation and planning skills from my mum and I couldn’t be happier. 
23. I have been wearing heels since my communion day.
24. I got ready for my first date when I was 16 in 15 mins. Shower included.
25. When I go out, I like to take 3 hours if I can to totally chill, pamper and get ready with a couple of drinks.
26. I love music and it is such a passion of mine but I’ve let it go by the wayside lately. 
27. Mexican food will always get a yes from me.
28. I love Disney Pixar and kids movies, the escapism just calls to me.
29. I met two of my best friends through the Internet.
30. In school, I kept to myself and the fact that I only speak to one person I went to school with proves that friendship knows no bounds.
31. I’m all about the big picture, even if I can’t see it yet.
32. People tend to underestimate me because of my height, I stand proud at 4’11 1/2″.
33. I will travel far and wide for a good cup of coffee or an even better meal.
34. My first proper concert was the Sugababes on my 13th birthday.
35. I like to know things and how they work, it can make me a bit obsessive at times.
36. If you had told me six years ago that I would be in a relationship for 5 years and getting married I would have laughed and probably cried at the thought of the commitment.
37. I’m a bit of a hippy at heart.
38. Singing Popular from the musical Wicked at a school event was a highlight of my senior cycle.
39. I could eat salads all day long but for the life of me can not make one that I like for my lunch when I need it.
40. Becoming an aunt to my gorgeous niece has taught me more about life and patience than working with children for 3 years.
41. I grew up with 4 male cousins in close proximity that they were almost like brothers, I was a total tomboy for years.
42. I prefer to be open and honest about anything and everything.
43. My dad used to make me French toast when I came home from school, a savoury version that inspired this
44. My parents worked so hard to give me such a great life and continue to be a great support and there for me for everything.
45. I went back to college in 2011 and was one of the best things I’ve done, learning should never stop.
46. I wish I was more handy around the apartment and with my car, beyond the basics I’m hopeless!
47. I have been told I’m full of random facts and remedies, always good to have on hand.
48. Anything mint scented and I’m sold.
49. There is no better relaxant than running your hands through fresh growing herbs.
50. If you’ve made it this far, you know me better than some of my close friends!
I tried to keep them short, fun facts, so thank you for reading! 
If anyone reading feels like doing this, go ahead, please leave a comment with your tag below.
Have a great weekend everyone!