4 years down, 2 to go!

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Okay so I think every now and then I’ll do a wedding update blog just for those who are interested or also planning. 

The title of this post is related to the date, on this day two years from now I will be a bride, and this time tomorrow David and I will be 4 years together. The reason we picked our date, once we took weather out of the situation is that 6 years means the week has done a full revolution and also David always says he asked me out on the last day of February, 2016 being a leap year means we have the extra day too!

I know what you’re thinking, I have so much time to plan – a year has already flown in! Believe me when we talked of marriage before we got engaged I warned David to give me two years planning at least. So I got three! 

A lot of people freak out when I tell them I already have my venue, photographer and make-up artists booked (make-up artists are friends who offered), or that we’re having 5 bridesmaids & 5 groomsmen – we are a very close-knit group that most families would fail to resemble, but as people keep telling me, it’s our day and we can do what we want!

I do know that I am organised, but I’m really enjoying taking my time and not having to rush into booking everything although it definitely seems the first thing you should sort is your band, some have dates booked for 2017 already – and I thought I was bad!

David has been amazing so far – he wants to be involved in most of the planning, leaving the girl-ier stuff to me of course but it’s great knowing I can go to him with worries – once it’s not all the time. It keeps me grounded. More so than anything I’m looking past the day itself, rather than starting our lives together (because we’ve already been living together 2 years already) just starting the next chapter, hopefully a lot more financially stable and a lot more settled.

What I do get tired of, is anyone that is already married thinks they’re an expert at wedding planning. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the advice, but when you’re hearing the same thing from the same people every time they ask you about the wedding – it starts to grind.

I still have a lot to look forward to yet – booking our band (hopefully soon!), trying on dresses, going shopping with my girls but I have two years! What’s the rush!

Are you married/getting married? Did you have time enough to plan? Have you any questions or recommendations for me? 

Nickki 🙂